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"Best sushi you can imagine."


"Happy now?"

Future Is Now

Marginally more realistic than the colonize Mars idea.

Isn't there already a huge oceanliner that people can live on already that just circles the Earth stopping at different ports.

Rob N. Banks

I see the neck-beards have gathered once more to engage in "Going Galt" tech fantasies. Of course, absolutely nothing will come of this. Unless you count the words of a bunch of nerdy libertarians as something.


what a bunch of delusional fools

John D

Dave, lately when I read your columns it seems like I opened up The Onion by mistake. I guess you really can't make this stuff up!

Alexander Ač

On topic: Bankrupting nature, denying our planetary boundaries (video):


Best regards,


Dave Cohen

@John D

Re: The Onion

I put another post up today.


-- Dave


So, with limited space available, they chose to grow .... lawns?! How about a couple of citrus trees? Or maybe poppy fields would be more in line with their ideas....

Still, it's good to have a plan...


Wait, so you are saying that a plan a bunch of guys come up with at various bars might not be the answer? Hmm.... Let me discuss this with the guys over a few drinks.

Frank Furcsa

Truly a "Ship Of Fools" one could call it a "Float of fools" .....Sort of


When you have so much money you are bored...what can you do but fuck up what is left of the world? That is the game that is being played now by the wealthy elite. It's to see who can have the most money/power/toys before the SHTF. They are mostly all old geezers with nothing to look forward to except making life more miserable for the rest of us. I would suggest the perfect location for this new country would be slightly off the coast at Fukushima.


These buffoons clearly envisage these sanitised, rebranded oil rigs to be 'sustainable', and to liberate their overtaxed, underappreciated Galtian selves from the oppressive yoke of the motherland. Of course, their proud sense of independence would not prevent them from parasitising ghost acreage elsewhere for their sustenance.

I think it's a great idea. The further offshore these people are, the better.


Seems like the natural progression of the "Fuck you, got mine" libertarian mindset. As a nation, we've truly deluded ourselves into the idea we rely on no one else for success.

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