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John Ennis

I don't know guy, the idea that we are alone just is not one that I prefer.

Though I do remember a science fiction story once that was premised on the a scientific mission going to the last unexplored solar system and finding it empty. I still remember how that movie depressed me.

Naw, I will continue to believe (without proof), because the alternative (again without proof) is just not to my liking. I don't expect the space aliens to save us, but I would like to think that they are there.

J. Drew

Earth like planets are rare? No biggie. We can just send a few Internet millionaire "Pioneers" Up there to build a few man made ones once their done putting the finishing touches on their floating cities. They can get the energy they need from harvesting moon-beams and maybe a few solar wind farms.


If we could visit them, they could visit us.

Speculations on Betty Hill's 'star map':


Remeber, the universe is stranger than we can imagine.

Merry Christmas!


And, on a similar note, Alpha Centauri in fiction:



ABSolute Vapors

What makes people think that we are alone and that earth is a rarety for that is nieve in thinking? Evidence proves otherwise and I don't think there are other planets out there that our just like earth, but we are not the only life forms that exist.

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