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I've seen small turtles in the lawn behind my house, I imagine many turtles are killed by lawn mowers.

Louis Ash



Wow that is dark and I find it hard to fathom why someone would go out of there way to kill them. Turtles aren't even considered vermin! There is a pond by my place and I sometimes see alligator snapping turtles out on the streets in a hot summer day. I always keep a bucket and a pair of gloves in my car in order to pick them up and drop them back off at the pond.

Ken Barrows

It would be interesting to conduct the experiment in other cultures. Are humans this way or just Americans ;?


After reading about these so-called humans and their behavior towards box turtles, I have this to say--

To paraphrase Alfred Doblin, in his 1929 German language novel, Berlin Alexanderplatz ( --many thanks to you, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, R.I.P., for your amazing effort in creating the epic movie from this voluminous novel)...

"Man is an ugly beast, the foe of all foes, the most disgusting creature on the face of the earth. It's not good to live within a human body. I'd rather crouch beneath the earth, run across the fields and feed on what I find."

Happy New Year to you, Dave.

--Anyway you can find it next year, I hope, and for all of us as well.



I came across a turtle a few years back with a broken shell but, still alive. The vet used super glue to put his shell back together. I forget how many pounds of pressure the vet said it would take to actually break a turtle's shell, but it was a lot! Only a vehicle could have done it or a drop from a very high place. Anyway, he lived for several years in my backyard. I gave hime away to another nature lover with a pond when I moved. He's still truckin.

Ken, I too would be curious to know if it is mainly an 'Amurcan' state of mind to go out of one's way to harm an innocent creature, because heaven know's I've seen many drivers over the years TRY to hit a dog, cat, bird, squirrel, snake, rabbit, you name it. Drivers won't even slow down for a helpless animal like a cat with its head caught in a plastic jar who got onto the road. As I tried to rescue it, someone just ran over it right in front of me. I was only a few feet away.
Sometimes I hate this too busy world, with humans always rushing off to nowhere.


Only sometimes Gretchen? You have perseverance of a saint.

dent devils

I hit turtle once, I have no choice. :(


I didn't think turtles were a vermin myself until last year I planted a patch of corn in the garden, where a turtle roamed around, and when the corn started sprouting in the spring I caught the f**king turtle red-handed eating the seedlings; and that's when I moved it to the neighbour's useless lawn :P.

Of course that's not a reason to run turtles over, but I can see how someone who grows corn (or perhaps other vegetables as well) would hate turtles. It seems like a rather implausible explanation though.

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