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HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my God! I can't believe this: NASA "Why The World Didn't End Yesterday" holy shit, that is fucking hilarious!


Note to the Governments and Corporate Giants of the Developed and Developing World: Being organized does exclude you from being out-of-control.


Nothing is going to happen...every year we have some end of days...until they going to get it wright :))

J. Drew

Doesn't have anything to do with the Non event not happening next week, but some of you may get a kick out of this: "The Overly Optimistic Futurist's Guide to Dating in the Post-Singularity"



Is NASA patronising us, taking the piss out of us, or do they really feel the need to reassure us that the world is not going to end?
Whatever the reason, this is an extremely strange thing for them to do.

Idiocracy made real.


What astonishes the most in this hullabaloo is how eager are the people who profess themselves Christians to believe in such blasphemous absurdities.

Forget about Bible, Apocalypse, Prophesies, Second Coming and Soul Salvation. Don't even mention Renaissance, Age or Reason and the modern science.

Thousand year ago Mayas, of all people, already knew when exactly the World was going to end !

St.Peter and St.Paul are tearing their garments in desperation.
Mayas already knew the Ultimate Truth !!!

These are the same Mayas whose enormous empire was toppled down without even a feeble resistance by several hundred determined Spaniards ! The same Mayas who were slaughtered wholesale as a cattle to the brink of extinction by the same Spaniards. The same Mayas who sacrificed to their gods in the most gruesome manner the sizable chunk of their population !

Here NASA comes up with the good news: distinguished professor found an error in Mayas calculation, so it seems that the End of The World is somehow averted albeit temporarily. For now, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.

Who knows, maybe in a few years aboriginals from New Guinea or some cannibalistic African tribe will come with some new calendar ending on a certain day,will we be able to find an error in that one too ?

O tempora o mores !

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