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Dave - how does/will this continuous stream of government bull affect the movement towards secession in some of the states? Will "normal" people get so tired of the federal misappropriation of their livelihoods/income/assets that they precipitate a break-up of the union and therefore a faster end of empire?

Or did I dream I saw a documentary on the subject of secession recently?

Bill McDonald

Yep, at some point you run out of lipstick.

But never doubt the ability of our government, and by both parties, to find another source of bullshit.

That's one commodity that we have a world leading and inexhaustible supply of- so much that we have exported it globally and still haven't lowered the supply levels a whit.

Now that's what I call exporting!

Ken Barrows

To borrow from a recent post: "It just doesn't matter."

Job levels are still below six years ago, according to BLS. If large employers begin layoffs, the b.s. will decrease. After all, the number doesn't have to be true, just plausible.

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