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This society does indeed breed mental illness, which makes slaughters like Sandy Hook really fucking sad. Lanza and his mother never had a chance, and as a result 20 children and several adults will never again enjoy the company of their family and friends. It goes without saying the families of the victims are never going to completely recover from this, the years will go on, but there is nothing that will erase the pain.


This "reality show" premiered last February - Doomsday Preppers...these people take themselves very seriously:


About lack of empathy... I know you've embedded this before, but it's one of the first things I thought of on Friday:



Well, one of the first things that happen after theses tragedies is the gun lovers immediately go defensive about how guns don't kill people and the right to bear assault weaponry is a right and blah blah blah. Then they point out how lots of people have died in areas with strict gun control and how guns have saved a bunch of lives. Never mind the actual people involved (and killed) or that maybe we should be looking at why we must have a right for even total nuts to keep as many deadly weapons as they want. Nope, gotta reinforce the narrative that government wants to take your guns and so you better stock up be ready to "defend yourself". Which, of course leads to tragic situations like this.

Now, I am not saying that we should blindly trust our government (who has shown a gleeful willingness to engage in military or paramilitary operations whenever possible), but these false narratives and insane "values" are literally killing us. We can't discuss real problems because we are stuck in these absurd positional debates that do nothing. These let it all burn types should terrify any rational human being as they are essentially militant anarchists who are advocating a might makes right view because they want to be the ones with might. But it's just trading our current corrupt but somewhat comfortable system for something out of an apocalyptic nightmare.

It's good that you are not giving these psychopaths a voice. It's worrying that the corporatized newsatainment industry is.


As a good girl scout, I believe in always being prepared, however I am damned if I'm going to fight or kill someone over the last can of beans.

Don Levit


You make a lot of sense. It is natural and normal to try to anticipate various adversities, and prepare for them. Insurance comes immediately to mind.

But, how do you insure against the doomsday scenarios predicted?

If one is a rabid prepper, and he has the food, it would stand to reason his cache would be readily discovered by hundreds or even thousands of hungry neighbors.
If all hell breaks loose, well, what can you do other than partake in the festivities, which could very well mean our demise.

Part of the human condition is being vulnerable.
It is something I have to deal with every day, honoring my vulnerabilities, and trying to use them for positive and kind acts.

Some fears we can deal with; others are simply unavoidable; and others are not worth trying to overcome. I think the doomsday scenario would fall in the last category.

Don Levit


LOL, how's this for irony, Dave, I found your blog through a prepper website. I wish I could remember which one....


How ironic that someone with enough resources to purchase and stockpile expensive weapons and ammo (and access training necessary for 2 others to learn to use them) is the one who is most scared. Perhaps this is how we evolved into a cooperative species? Counterintuitively, is it the ones who instinctually compete by holing up and isolating that end up creating the conditions that cause the demise of themselves and their progeny? Perhaps this is what the story-narratives in the bible were referring to when speaking of the sins of the father being visited on the sons for seven generations. A double irony is that this important message is missed by so many Christianists.

When people start spouting this crap to me about being "prepared" I always ask "for what?". Then I tell them to come talk to me when they figure out how to live comfortably and happily while feeling no need to insure against material loss.

If you have to buy insurance (what are weapons, except a physical form of insurance), you're living beyond your means. Or, you're not sharing well enough.


I'm struggling to add anything of worth to today's post - you've said it all.

However, may I just register a protest about JP Morgan Chase's devastatingly sarcastic commercial presentation. I mean, how dare they tantalize and ridicule America and Americans that way? All those attributes that the US used to flaunt - such as liberty, working hard to win rewards, free markets, free enterprise, believing in the American idea, dreams coming true, etc, etc - have been summarily eradicated by the likes of ... er... JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Lehman Bros.

Rubbing Americans' noses in it is beyond the Pale. I say revoke their license to trade immediately.

Mike Roberts


How do you see our future and the planet's future unfolding, within your lifetime and over the next century or two? Given human craziness, I guess we can't expect any change in the disregard for our environment, inequality, drive for growth, etc. So presumably ecosystems and societies will continue their slow deterioration. Presumably, even 20 years from now, the societies of the so-called developed nations will look, or start to look, quite different from now, impacted by environmental, economic and social deterioration.

Should the less crazy amongst us try to "prepare" for a different future? I use the term "prepare" only in the sense of changing the way we live in some way; either to tread more lightly or to become more resilient in the face of the general deterioration around us.

Frank Furcsa

Mr Orlov was just revoking all his doomer predictions while he is holydaying in russia he realized that after the USSR collapsed not that it was not doom and gloom but it is all well and happy right now as things go over there . On the other hand this site will need some sort of a doom mentality and narrative since without that this thing here is nothing else but a talk into the wind. With No some sort of a doom the very existence of a site is becoming senseless and without narrative . Well Big doom, small doom, pussy doom ,some sort of doom is needed to continue this conversation so please choose your poison if not i can just go over and discuss of how to make boondoogles not true??!!

Je' czaja

Thanks for this post. How sad. The constant fear-mongering has driven some off the edge. But then I spent years as an End Timer, so what can I say? I can warn folks: I Was a Christian Zionist Apocalypse Nut http://wp.me/p2X3cL-q

Rob N. Banks

I love how so many doomers think they can ride out the end of the world with some guns and a stash of food. But then they really can't fathom what the end truly means.

Frank Furcsa

Well !... This is the End as it goes according the Doors

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I'll never look into your eyes...again
Can you picture what will be
So limitless and free
Desperately in need...of some...stranger's hand
In a...desperate land


Dave, I admire your clear vision of things as they are. Sadly, you analysis is totally lacking medium
term perspective.

So you claim that the world is going to end this current century, right ? You believe that we are still at least two or three decades away from that eventuality. You state that only coordinated action of all major players can save the humanity, yet you don't believe this action is possible.

Well, with all that said, 20 or 30 years is quite a long time. There are currently very powerful interrelated, mutually reinforcing, accelerating trends underway each of them with a serious impact on society as we know it.

So you maintain that household and student loan debts will keep rising indefinitely, weather will keep getting warmer every year, jobs will continue be moved overseas, resources will be depleted,
obesity rates will be getting close to 90% with all that entails and ,overall, stress level in the society will increase manyfold etc etc....

Yet you probably assume that in the same time streets will be reasonably clean and police patrolled, street lights will work as usual, supermarkets will be full of products, hospitals will be accepting patients, school buses will be bringing children to school, correct ? You will be going out on Fridays to enjoy your favourite food, go on vacation to Caribbean once or twice a year, meet your family and friends at theChristmas table and devote your free time to writing a blog. To be sure, things will definitely be more expensive, market will go up and down, there will be some gloomy reports and Occupy Wall-street type of events here and there but, overall, the situation will be somewhat unsetting but bearable. After all, things were really bad for 10 years in 30s but nothing extraordinary happened.

I always stated that analyzing collapse of the Soviet Union is a futile thing to do. Someone who lived through that time already knows it all, as for others, they won't understand anything or won't even believe it. However, Mr. Orlov made a sober analysis of the past and tried to envision how the same forces will play in the context of the modern American society. In this context his ideas are invaluable

I know you Americans, don't like being taught and, of course, nobody likes unfavorite comparisons.

However, just keep in mind that when you enjoyed rock-bottom gas prices and all the pleasures of the western life (which are based on cheap oil as you will reluctantly admit) Dmitry and 250 millions of his fellow former Soviet Citizens were living through the worst crisis of modernity. Not everyone survived that crisis, those who did prefer not to speak about the past. Dmitry definitely knows what he is talking about.

Just to cheer you up: The popular Russian anecdote from 90s: "All population of Russia is divided into optimists, pessimists and realists. Optimists learn English. Pessimists learn Chinese. Realists learn how to use Kalashnikov machine gun".

Madam Lanza was definitely a realist, albeit of a peculiar American kind She didn't give a shit if people may be exterminating each other freely one day in the Land of Freedom. Everything she wanted for herself in case of things turning sour was freedom to stay in her 300K house, gobble canned beans and spray with bullets everyone who trespassed on her property. Tragically for all of us, her son found it difficult to wait till the this opportunity comes. We all know the consequences.


during any doomsday scenario, if an aggressor storms into my house and kills my family with his shot gun, I would be very upset because I was not able to do anything to prevent that tragedy. So, in essence, I do not support in a complete 100% gun eradication. If you are going to prep, you can have at least one gun with 12 ammo, I think that's enough for most people. It only takes just one bullet to protect your family.

now, others would ask: what would happen if more and more and more aggressors with guns keeps on showing up? you will eventually run out of ammo and still be back at square zero.

So, admin, how do the good people protect themselfs from this possibility without being seen as an insane prepper?

I know that a famous scientist (I can't remember his name right now) said that "anything that can go wrong will and can go wrong".


People just don't get it. Survival is insane in a post-collapse world where an unrelenting stream of hungry people come to raid you if you have any resources in your location.

It's pure stupid-human egocentricity to take any steps to "save" your family in these circumstances. As someone who lived through the constant crisis of pending nuclear attack in the 1960s and 1970s, I always took the view that if the bomb is dropping, run towards it.

Are we so drunk with Darwinism that we think survival at all costs is the preferred option? By a gunfight at the O.K. Corral to beat all gunfights? Grow up, doomers.


Yeah, I don't think anyone is saying that you shouldn't prepare for hard times. But stockpiling and armory and a massive food supply and looking forward to it (to the degree that you have already decided you won't help anyone else) is not only selfish and destructive, it's naive and arrogant. It also ignore the reality that adding deadly weapons to the mix adds a great deal of risk for the children already in the house. So you are making things more dangerous for your children (reality) so you can feel prepared for a speculated Armageddon (fantasy). In all reality if the SHTF, you are toast, guns or no guns. Stuff would be so bad that you would be likely to die of an infection or chronic health condition (whoops, tetanus? sucks for you. Diabetes, hypertension, etc.? Well, unless you stockpiled a pharmaceutical lab, see ya!) as much as anything else. And the human costs would be staggering and horrific. The only hope anyone would have is cooperation, not isolation, since survival requires alot of skills, many very specialized. Hence the reasons humans banded together in societies.

That's the real issue here- the isolation from reality. Instead of gunning up and pulling out, these resources could be used to talk to neighbors, help at schools, etc. Things that actually make it a little better. Maybe if the shooter had been exposed to helping others, sympathy, compassion, and some social interaction instead of gloom and doom gun training, a ready arsenal, and a constant stream of violence, maybe things might have turned out a bit better.


Your definition of prepper describes the American pioneer, the people who came West like my great-grandparents and didn't have a 7-Eleven or WalMart to run to when they needed something. They were the ones who built this country. They were insane? I hate the lumping together of a vast number of people and labeling them as you are doing.

I don't consider myself as a "Doomer" at all, just like to have good veggies (sans Listeria, E.coli, Salmonella) from my garden and like other people in my community, grow extra for the Food Bank and neighbors. I have all the pastured eggs (new chic term for good eggs and humane chicken care) I need and extra for others. I save a whole lot of money by buying canned food on sale, but don't have a "crazy" amount stored. People who don't have things on hand for emergencies are the selfish ones, they are the ones who expect others to take care of them. They are the ones who are not facing the reality that things may not always go perfectly well, as any sane person can foresee.

Right now, there are people who will be snowed in in the Midwest. Many people who had warning about Sandy did not even have any food in their homes for their children. That's what you call sanity and responsibility? By the way, I am very much what would be described as liberal and not a gun person at all.

Frank Furcsa

She looks so happy in that picture pointing her middle and index fingers toward her Temporal The international sign for; ....i rather be dead or , i am going to shoot myself ! Thats why she must be looking so happy she definitely got what she was striving for . Now one would argue " Be careful what you wish for " someone else would say " you really want it you can get it "


It concerns me this article starts off as being about mental health and then uses terms such as "wack jobs". This is a perfect example of what is wrong with our mental health system. Who would ever want to get help when society will just brand them as wack jobs, nuts or psychos for doing so? Many of Nancy's friends and family have already stated she was not in fact a "prepper" so I question the validity of this anyway.

Dave Cohen


I think many commenting here might benefit from reading today's post entitled--

Are We Living In A Computer Simulation?


Please pay special attention to Dave's Plea for Mercy at the end of that post.


-- Dave

not leonard nimoy

Just wanted to say BRAVO for a FANTASTIC post!
Doomers are indeed insane and have caused a lot of harm of ALL kinds to other people. They are as bad as any other fundamentalists, who also lack empathy as you so eloquently stated.

I can't get on Youtube without my search results being filled with "end of days" crap from these jerks, telling us we "must take it seriously", with all their dramatic fade ins and outs, accompanied by the most depressing music around.

I wonder what they are saying now? Is it possible in any way for them to admit that they were UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY WRONG ABOUT THE END OF THE WORLD ON DEC. 21, 2012?

This has been the worst instance of doomers being able to spread their crap.
I've been hearing this crap about the Mayan calendar/end of the world since 1997. That's 15 years of having to listen to their crap,. It only got worse as they got on the Internet.
And then the frigging so-called History channel...geeeeezzzzz.

I only discovered your website around Dec. 21, 2012 (you know...the day the world ended), and I'm giving you a standing ovation for this particular post. I'll have to explore your site some more later.

In the meantime, I hope you "party like it's 1999!"

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