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Lew Stewell

Congratulations. Personally, I'm surprised the NYT put you on p1 w/o having a beard. Though, maybe that is only required if one is mumbling jibberish... dunno.


This instantly became my favorite text of all time: Cohen says all this human foolishness can not end well - predicts catastrophe.

Human foolishness. That's what all that this big mess is. Everyone have a nice Sunday, peace.


Can you please explain the difference between Intelligence and Wisdom. I am not very clear on it, and I suspect very few people are. Which is 'Stupid' the opposite of?


Excelente! your Excellency. Now send your NYT cover image to the editor of that previously respected journal and see if that will wake them from their normal beschissen coverage. You may get your 15 minutes at last.

Note that lethal armaments are confiscated at the front desk, even if you do know where Krugman's cubbyhole is.

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