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Ken Barrows

Whether capitalism or big government (socialism, if you like), it's all about funneling the wealth toward the center. Libertarians won't admit capitalism does this; social democrats won't admit large government does this.


@Ken Barrows,
I agree that regardless of the system, wealth and power tend to aggregate, however, I do not believe the systems do this. Either of these consequences are a function of the human condition, which is abject selfishness, and the system is quite arbitrary. Maybe this is what you meant, and I don't mean to correct you so much as to add to what you said.

Clearly, big government, by definition requires lots of money and power, but the power and money seizures by our big government go far beyond what social democrats believe on faith their big government is about. The best government can ever do, in my opinion, is to deter the powerful from exploiting the weak. That requires men of principle and moral virtue, though, and the political system selects for people who are power-hungry and given to deceit or worse. Collectivism, these days, is simply a religion. People want to feel ennobled, so they give lip service to poverty and social justice (Obama sure did). In the end, they care most about being part of the collective, and just assume that whatever the collective does is good.

As Dave reported, Obama said two weeks ago, in no uncertain terms, that he wasn't going to do anything about climate change (not that he can). HuffPost published a bunch of moronic tweets from liberals who said "This is huge--Obama mentioned climate" and such. Idiots. People don't actually care what the results are, just that the collective pretends to care about noble things. It is essentially blind faith. They are worse than self-righteous Pharisees, who at least paid attention to behavior. Brilliant economists like Paul Krugman can be made into blind zealots, chirping about how the Emperor's robes are so beautiful, paying no attention to the fact they don't exist.


I highly recommend "The Hunger Games". I thought of it as a highly entertaining documentary, not fiction, but I gather most viewers missed the verisimilitude.


Look at the way the US-based Mafia was organized (before it went mainstream and was absorbed into everyday "legit" corruption) with its capos and bag-carriers, assassins and money launderers, extortioners and front-men, and you will see a perfect analogy for the way things operate at the center of the known universe, also known as Washington DC.

Everything else - political parties, elections, public office and the proceedings on Capitol Hill - is just window dressing to fool those fool enough to pay their taxes without complaint and sit quietly numb in front of their "entertainment" gadgets.

Ean Gray

Honestly, this (well-argued) post could be said about Paris, Moscow, London, Beijing or any other 1st and 2nd-world nation. Really, D.C. (and any other large metro area) are living symbols of the machine of human progress whose unquestioned cry is as followed: Grow, Develop, Consume, Assimilate, Expand, and Submit.

USA in Decline

Dave - If you had a put a year on the beginning of the decline, what year would that be for you?


USA in Decline - Dave will have the date based on facts but from my understanding, the Summer of Love (1969) marked the end of fleeting hope and the beginning of the long descent into darkness for the US Empire and its poodle states including the UK.


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