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I think it's all about getting permission to export wti
on the world market. A quick buck for oil companies.


Right as always, Dave.

One large aspect of the American economy dictates that the US can never become self-sufficient in energy resources, at least as a matter of public policy. And that is the military-security industry.

The US military machine has always operated on the basis of imperialist control of foreign lands, primarily those with fossil fuel reservoirs. It is unthinkable that the "defense" sector will let go of this raison d'etre, which enables them to continuously seek and obtain a colossal chunk of US government spending via the mantra of constant war (Orwellian definition).

At great cost - at a level guaranteed to line the pockets of the plutocrats engaged in this business - weapons must be developed and armaments must be used up and replaced, and the only pretext that allows this gobbling of taxpayers' money to continue unmoderated is the whipping-up of homeland security fears, which itself is a thinly veiled cover story for the control of other countries' natural resources.

So whatever BS put out by the IEA or any other myopic body, you can bet your last fake dollar that the US powers-that-be will never allow the concept of energy self-sufficiency to take root at foreign policy level. And the only way US forces will return to US shores is when 'Rome' (i.e. DC) has crumbled in its final death rattle as an empire.

Dave Cohen

I have added the following note to this post.

Subsequent to my reading it, the Financial Times rewrote its story and removed [the text I quoted]. Luckily, I had saved a copy.

Here's the new, sanitized version.


-- Dave


Congratulations Dave - you've caught out the British media pandering to market interests, who continually plant false stories that ensure the more gullible retail investors lose their shirts to institutional shareholders. And those imbecilic "journalists" buy it - hook, line and stinker (sic).

Ken Barrows

And Disco Stu said to Homer Simpson, "If you look at disco sales for 1977 and 1978, ... whoa!

Alexander Ač

What is interesting, that one should not be "concerned" about energy optimists, or energy pessimists (of course, both are wrong), but what really concerns me, are the energy ignorants (count 99,99 % of population) - these are truly dangerous people. (the same for climate, BTW)


Alexander Ač

Looks like a very new book published few days ago, reviewers are offered a copy:

Bankrupting Nature: http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415539692/


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