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YAJM (Yet Another JFC Moment)!


I could appreciate AI that looked like Kristanna Loken


Pray tell Cambridge Me-Toos, what is your evidence that there is any escapable intelligence in the first place??!!!

Ken Barrows

Paging Ray Kurzweil, paging Ray Kurzweil!


I don't consider a rise of the machines to be a "flakey" concerrn, especially when the US military is the world leader behind the development of killer robots to take the place of soldiers within the next two or three decades. Funny, but have you noticed that any time we invent something, it's always used eventually to kill each other?


Yes Gretcheen - and the biggest invention of all that is now killing us was the Industrial Revolution. I'm sure Mother Nature will intervene long before those military plank-heads get to deploy their newest toys.

Alexander Ač

Hello, I dont know if I am allowed to post off-topic here, but interesting link showing that debt in Canada increased everywhere, except, you know it - Alberta (with tar sands):




I have tried to formulate a comment on the myriad inconsistencies, absurdities, nonsense and ignorance in this post but I just couldn't begin to do so.
So I just gave up.

What price wisdom?


The dude's right. I think my toaster is plotting to take over and pretty sure my cel phone is looking at me funny....

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