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Ken Barrows

It is a global problem. Vote Obama because world carbon emissions will only rise 2.8% per year if he wins. If it's Romney, it's 3.0%. (Yes, I am joking.)

John D

It's all connected. Everything we do to reduce coal use in the US allows for more coal exports from the US to Asia. We would never decide to leave the coal in the ground because that would kill 'jobs and growth'.

Dave Cohen

@John D --

Yes, I should have mentioned that. Decreased coal consumption in the U.S. has led to greater coal exports, especially to Europe. Maybe I will post on that.

-- Dave

Dennis McCaffrey

Thanks Dave for plenty of outrage and a few good laughs. They are extra appreciated on this dreary election day morning. I think we will hear some suggestions soon about building massive barriers on the outer banks, jersey shore, long island and other vulnerable places. Things will bog down quickly when we start to calculate the cost of this 'terraforming' and then realize there isn't enough wealth to pay for it unless we forego some things we value more. The notion of sacrificing some of 'America's way of life' will be most unwelcome.

You're absolutely right that the scale of our problems are truly global so agreement on what to do (and who will pay) is impossible. It looks like we're going to have to 'adapt'.


Once again, what the fuck are you ranting about? Do you think before you post?

J. Drew

Last year one of the assignments for a Human Geography course I was taking was that everybody wrote a very short essay on what we thought Canada should be doing about climate change both at home and internationally, and write a short response to 3 other classmates essays. I basically said that if we wanted to be serious about it, we would prepare for the inevitability of it and quit wasting our time trying to get countries like China, Russia, Etc to reduce their emmissions, and that when it came down to it, we shouldn't be expecting the government to do the preparing for us because of the economic consequences. I got a couple of (relatively) nasty responses, because according to the Progressive Hope Monkeys we just HAVE to do something globally about climate change, and you are totally not allowed to doubt the possibility of that happening and try to work within the limits of reality to make whatever small difference you can.

ralph m

I usually agree with Dave, but whatever the intentions, this rant sounds way too close to the bullshit rants I hear from global warming deniers....could we boil it down to 'I'm not going to trade in my Hummer unless China cuts back on carbon emissions too?

Fact is the Chinese Government is well aware that they killing themselves with the rapid, out of control industrialization program they have engaged in over the last 20 years. But when it comes to total carbon emissions, you'll hear Chinese and Indian leaders pull out the legacy card - adding up the historic greenhouse gas emissions since the Industrial Revolution began, which of course makes the U.S. and Europe by far the largest contributors of all of the extra CO2 in the atmosphere. So, whether it's rational or not, they act like it's all about matching and overtaking U.S. GDP.

But, there is an argument to be made that if the U.S. had continued to lead the way on reducing carbon emissions instead of walking away from the table 20 years ago, newly industrializing nations like China, would have lowered their guns as well. There's no way to prove it now, but having the U.S. walk away and go full speed ahead in their selfish exploitation of the environment, there was no incentive for less developed nations to change their ways either.

Dave Cohen

Re: Progressive Hope Monkeys

Thanks for that.

-- Dave

Dave Cohen

Re: this rant sounds way too close to the bullshit rants I hear from global warming deniers

For the life of me, I can not see how you came up with this interpretation of today's post.

I was ridiculing Americans for assuming they are Center of the Universe. For assuming that it's their world, and everybody else is just walking around in it.

-- Dave


Don't forget the 'embodied carbon emissions' in all those products the west imports from China.


Re. a military which is twice the size of that of the rest of the world combined.

On the basis that Nature has a knack for self-correction - despite "our" best efforts to kill everything natural about our planet - it seems to me that this military force will blindly perform what the earth is crying out for, namely a rapid cleanse of us pesky aberrants. I am standing by for the pea-brained trigger-happy militants pulling the whomsoever-is-president's strings to provoke large scale conflict starting in the Middle East (whipping boy: Iran) that will escalate when the second and third largest military forces rush to protect their markets.

Just a likely scenario. Time will tell.

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