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Alexander Ač


"technology saves us" just shows our inability to "change behavior", whatever that means. Not surprisingly, there is increasing talk about geo-engineering, which is completely dumb idea.

And, politics makes you stupid, since your electorate is stupid too! Here is Steven Chu (Nobel prize in physics), completely stupid in politics:


solar panels should be on the roof of the White House more than one year!




We appoint ourselves mighty gods in deciding which animals are worthy of being cloned and "saved", after endangering these same animals by scorching the earth like feverish devils.

Talk about split personality. Take your pills, mankind. Take the whole bottle if you have any balls left.


What's the point of saving species if there is nowhere on earth left where they can survive on their own? Do we plan to recreate the wild earth through our technology after we bulldoze it all? Are we so stupid that we think we can successfully do that?

Brian M

Will the last human left please carve the following in stone:

"We had mad skills."

J. Drew

I picked up a copy of New Scientist or something very much like it in the school library about a year ago, and the level of arrogance and hubris on display within it's pages was downright frightening. The thing is, these sorts of magazines have the same sort of relationship with the science industry as car magazines do with the car industry, in that on the whole, they are there to support it and what it does. That being the case, they will always be cheerleaders for heroic technology.


If we have no intention of preserving any part of the environment, what is the point of keeping species alive only in zoos or as cryogenically stored genes?
Any species only has worth in the context of the environment in which it evolved.
Utterly ridiculous!

We are pulling out more and more strands of the web of life and one day we will pull out the final one and it will all collapse on top of us.

Mike Roberts

What adam and clyde said.

It reminds me of something Derrick Jensen mentioned about cleaning up oiled sea birds during the Depwater Horizon episode (which some believe is still going on). He applauds those trying to do this work but wonders where they intended to release them, after cleaning them up.

If these species are endangered because of habitat destruction and environmental degradation, cloning them isn't really going to help because they will have no habitat in which to live (except zoos, which isn't much of a life).


And if there is no one left with the skills to bring back these 'saved' animals, etc. then what? Well, Mother Nature is already preparing the replacement ecology, but there will not be anymore homo sapiens. Unlike humans, she does not repeat mistakes.

Alexander Ač

Hi all, Jeremy Grantham writes for journal Nature:


"This is not only the crisis of your lives — it is also the crisis of our species’ existence. I implore you to be brave."


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