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Hi Dave,
It is my sincere hope (there's that word again - hopefully excused in this case) that everyone responds to your request.
Outside of those blogs & sites that are specific to my primary concern, yours is perhaps the most essential to my day - every day. Helps to maintain and expand my perspective(s). It's a matroyshka doll thing - like you said yesterday..."we have a consciousness problem".
You must keep swinging away.


Dave, I sent a few $ last week using Paypal - I had no Idea they took 15%. That makes American Express look good! I'll note you PO Box and use the snail-mail next time. Keep "kicking against the pricks..."

Anywhere But Here Is Better

Working on it Dave, trying to avoid the banks stealing a slice just because the English Pound is no longer welcome in Boston :-)

May your coffers be replenished by your many admirers.

Mike Roberts

Where is the information for Paypal donations? I can't see that anywhere. I'm in New Zealand and don't even have a cheque book, so sending something is a bit awkward, not that I can afford much. Paypal may be the only way.


@MIke Roberts
there is a "Donate" button top right hand of page - links to PayPal for us southern hemispherers

Dave - I enjoy your writing. Nice warm Feel, but penetrating. Bit like having a discussion with grandpa who is much wiser than all the young bulls charging around trying to show the world how effin good they are. Elephant stamp 4 ya (DownUnder sign of humble good work).

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