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The Crisis we're in has too much momentum and manifests itself in some way in virtually every area of human endeavor, that any approach to solving it are impossible at this stage, and perhaps impossible at any stage considering human nature.


Someone stop the world please, I'd like to get off.

Mike Weber

If the "comfortable Berkeley scientists", as Dave so aptly put it, would learn of tipping, they could do no better than to study what's going on under their noses, not what little they might glean from ages ago.

Because, dear friends, it's happening as we speak, and has been happening now for at least decades, if not centuries. Mitigate? Don't make me laugh - it's way too late for any but the merest token of amelioration. The deal has gone down; all we can do now is watch.

Where are the grasshoppers? What's up with the crickets? What's happening to the bees? ... and the frogs? ... and the trees? ... and the corals? ... Can anybody tell me where to get a glass of clean water?

I forget now just who said it, but it's as true as anything we humans claim to know: "You can only shit in your nest for so long; then you're nesting in your shit."


I could see where this was going from the opening. We just need to develop better predictive modeling. If we could just make a software program to tell us what might happen, then we can make rational decisions how to proceed based on the evidence! Of course the "experts" can't even wrap their minds around the idea that we are already fucked, RIGHT NOW because it is all a little upsetting to think about.

Global warming, lack of biodiversity, etc. have been "discussed" for many years. None of these topics are obscure, fringe esoteric ideas. They have already been studied to DEATH (pun intended).

It's too bad, because besides the fact that I get great fulfillment from being in Nature, I also enjoy breathing and eating.

-Note to self: Pick up machete at hardware store during lunch.


Actually Dave, they will decide on at least one thing at this conference - where to hold the next one. I'm not a betting man, but I am pretty sure it won't be in Detroit. Perhaps Singapore or Stockholm would be more appropriate for such serious work...


The video illustrates the mind-blowing apathy of so many, the destruction, suffering and upcoming chaos studied with emotional detachment and rationality. Science serves as the perfect religion for intelligent psychopaths, all questions and facts with no moral dimensions to be seen.

Mike Roberts

Barnosky is kind of hopeful about "driving the planet in the direction we want it to go" and "once people realise there is a big important issue, we tend to be pretty clever about solving it". He has no idea.

This kind of research is not new. An international group of 28 scientists took a stab at this, as reported in Scientific American. That work has been criticised by some, of course, because no-one really wants to believe in bad things.

Anywhere But Here Is Better

Barnosky can make some real money for his 'research' team by renting out his time machine. He has used it to stand at the crossroads that we ran headlong past decades ago.


The good news is that the impending economic crisis might help delay the tipping point.

The bad news is after the Great Global Crash, we will all be swinging machetes trying to get OUR hands on wood and food, which of course, will bring on another tipping point.

Charlie Thornton

Everyone points to overpopulation and excess resource usage as the purveyors of global climate change and the extinction of various species. I have noted this myself just within the last five years. But with 300 million people using a quarter of those resources alone, and 1% of that population a prime driver in that, is it really just overpopulation? Or is that merely a smokescreen to cover up scientific tinkering with the gene pool and huge amounts of waste by funded interests? I'll leave it at that.

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