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Dave, this is one of the single most-important posts you've contributed thus far. You have deftly deconstructed the Krugman in just a few lucid paragraphs.

"Specifically, it is a liberal political issue which is strongly identified with Democratic party, and Krugman is the quintessential liberal political animal."

Perfectly put. I heard him late last week on NPR peddling his nonsense, but it plays well to the crowd. Listeners who called in were honored to pose questions to the kool-aid man himself. Give me a break.

Until natural science can pull free of association with the faulty economic and political ideology, there will continue to be gross ignorance on the severity of our predicament.



Good one! And if we believe in the scary climate change biggest threat, then all of those sexy but non-net emergy solutions such as more nuke plants become accessible. More ways to make money, with the economists doing their best cheer the whole way.

John Andersen

In the future those few young people who go to college to actually seek wisdom and understanding rather than a high-paying job, will hopefully steer clear of disciplines such as economics and political science in favor of largely apolitical timeless pursuits such as literature, history, mathematics, and philosophy.

The irrelevance with respect to the big picture of the likes of Krugman should be all that is necessary to steer wise people away from paying any serious attention to economics.


There's no such thing as appropriate pricing of gasoline because expensive gasoline will kill the global economy. And while we need alternative energy, we won't get it as long as our federal and state governments are co-opted by big business.

Plus, we already have climate change. I know the national news never carries the news, but the insurance industry has been freaking out for the last few years. At this rate, insurance companies around the world will either go out of business or charge rates so high that few people can afford insurance.

Lastly, nuclear energy is too dangerous and the plants are being built by greedy companies who don't give a damn. The company that built Fukushima--and lied about it withstanding earthquakes--is the same company hired to build plants near Atlanta, GA.

Anywhere But Here Is Better

Dave, I've found a magic wand in my trash can, and an abandoned time machine behind my garage. I did a few experiments and now I am ready to act.

With a wave of my wand, I've got you on the ballot paper for US President. I am about to turn up at your place with my time machine, and I am going to fast forward you to election night 2012. Here, you are going to make your first speech as President Elect, following a little extra wand waving on my part.

President Cohen, please tell us what you will do to avoid the sticky end of Homo sapiens sapiens that is otherwise coming. I will hand over the wand, so you can use it however you see fit to enact your vision (including getting rid of pesky obstacles to real progress such as Krugman, the Federal Reserve, GOP and Democrat dinosaurs, Rupert Murdoch etc.)

Over to you, Pres Dave. Your supporters are all ears.

Mike Roberts

Thanks for that, Dave. Perhaps not as odd as I might have thought! But it just seemed so out of place with the rest of the interview, though for most of it, he had no real answer to anything, so maybe this was his way of saying, "well, I have an answer to this", though he then went on to say, "but no-one will listen, boo hoo".

The scary thing for me, about climate change, is that 2°C of warming looks like it is already built in and we humans will go for dirtier and dirtier fuels (look at shale gas, by some accounts as dirty as coal) rendering the lack of growth a lesser limiting factor on warming than it might have been.

I see Krugman also gets a rousting from Kunstler today: http://kunstler.com/blog/2012/05/1-2-3-puke.html

Robert Rapier

Dave, I am glad to see you are still at it. The fact that people take guys like Krugman and Tom Friedman seriously show just how much trouble we are in. I have been reading both quite a bit lately, and the disconnect between the way I see things playing out and the way they see things playing out is mind-numbing.

Cheers, RR

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