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Thank You Sir, Well said.


Spit fire, Dave, spit fire.

David Drews

Good work, Dave.

I've been reading your posts for a while now and have been enjoying the content, attitude, and flow over time. Very consistent. A controlled rant if you will.

Do you have a PO box where tips may be mailed? I really don't like to use PayPal. If you do have such, please post it (or forward to me via email) and I will send you a supporting contribution.


Bill Hicks

One of your best posts ever, Dave. If there was any sanity left in our society, it would be more widely read than any idiotic Krugman missive. :)

Dave Cohen

@David Drews --

I am going to have a DOTE fundraiser soon. I could use the money. I need to get a PO Box first. Thanks for your timely reminder, and thanks for your support.

-- Dave

John D

If its possible that something could be worse than Krugman, it would be all those comments from readers that follow, fawning all over his every sacred pronouncement. I really can't read him anymore.

david lebrun

Hey David;

I started calling the people I work with, consumers, since that all they seem to want, even climate change needs more study.

Good write up, like you said Fuck P>>>


Fran Joseph

With clarity, passion and wit, your writings cut through so much of the false hope and calculated lies we hear over and over again. Once again, thank you.


Even some folks who have given up on Obomney still look to Krug-baby as some kind of sane "alternative" voice. Maybe it's a signal one is an asshole when one gets a preemptive Nobel Prize. There you are son, good boy! Just play along and collect your "speaking fees".

Alexander Ač

Great post Dave, which makes me to link to this post:

An Epitaph for Planet Earth http://www.commondreams.org/view/2012/05/23-5


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