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Anywhere But Here Is Better

With our glasses on, we can see that those are no ordinary fish in that barrel. Shoot away Dave, shoot away.

Bill Hicks

Having our cake while trying to eat it too--the very essence of what I call "Spoiled Rotten Nation." And the picture you used is a perfect representation of it in all of its hideous glory.


Of course we'll kick the can. There are simply too many special interests who will NOT be denied. Think about the battle royales that would occur: National Association of Realtors vs. AARP? Defense industry vs. Big Oil? It would be a bloodbath. Every interest will continue getting their payday.

Besides, Nobel Prize winning EconoGod Paul Krugman doesn't think debt matters because we pay so little interest on it. But can interest rates stay low forever? I think not. And when the interest rate rises, that's when the rude awakening begins.



I love Kanye West, his last album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was amazing. Americas Dark Twisted Reality, a deteriorating situation that has no chance in hell of being addressed, is not going to be amazing.

Things are shaping up to be uglier than Kobe's career stats in a playoff elimination game: 20.4ppg, 38.4%fg, 25%3pt. I couldn't help myself Dave ;-)


$7 trillion. That's the minimum amount the Fed gave banks (both foreign and domestic) to keep them afloat. Some say it's more like $17 trillion.

That's the problem we have. The money goes to a gambling casino but not for food stamps, head start programs, the disabled, the sick, etc. Or they spend it on more wars.

We are seriously fucked up and I don't see any of our politicians having a solution (or even listening to the average citizen, who seems to better understand certain things). Just wondering what we'll do when Greece, Spain, etc. drags down the European Union (and perhaps our banks with them)....

Brian M

"fish in a barrel"... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pd-MpXCMcIs



i must be old or not from this place - i literally cannot understand how lady gaga could happen and how such clips come into existance

tv is evil and parents that allow their children watch tv are making irrepairable damage to their brains

and that shooting the fish in the barrel video almost made me puke - people are really really gone mad and call it "normal"

if i did not know that dave existed i would have thought that there cannot be a well functioning human brain anymore

Anywhere But Here Is Better


I share your horror of the juvenile penile-substitute gun play. (I always give creative performers the benefit of the doubt - gaga, comatose or otherwise.) But I am a tad hopeful that there's an element of irony involved in these postings. On the other hand, the fact that the US Constitution promotes such primitive activity tells me plenty.

Regards, Oliver


We have spent decades teaching people there aren't any consequences. A man I know,age 64, has spent a lifetime "kicking the can down the road", ducking bill collectors, cheating on his income taxes, borrowing from relatives (not repaying for yrs) and all the other things such people do. Doesn't keep a check book, relies on kids to clean his house, relies on the local banker to let him know when he's getting in financial trouble, hasn't a clue as to how much he really owes and has managed to comfortably survive all these yrs. As he said once, "I just spend". To me, this is the US and the majority of it's population. Why should we expect behavioral changes now? Going to take a lot harsher dose of reality than we've had so far.

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