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Bill Hicks

Years ago, the Chicago Tribune employed a pompous twit of a columnist named Bob Greene (who later resigned in the wake of a sex scandal). As a joke, the weekly alternative newspaper, Chicago Reader, began running its own regular column called, "We Read Bob Greene So You Don't Have To," in which they would savagely lampoon Green's idiotic scribblings.

Thanks very much for reading Ezra Klein so the rest of us don't have to. :)

Dave Cohen


You're welcome ;-)

-- Dave


The report is a crock indeed. No one that I know thinks things have improved and allowing for fuel prices, most tell me they think conditions have deteriorated.


Dave, Dave, you're frothing at the mouth today. ;-)

" the economic propaganda is inextricably intertwined with the presidential election, which is another whole boatload of nonsense. If you put these two bullshit stories together, the propaganda becomes almost unbearable."


It's a crock because so many people have fallen off the rolls and are not counted--that's why the unemployment number went down. I read that between 85-90 million can't find a job and have given up.

Also, people near retirement age are going to retire in droves because SS will be their only steady income. I started collecting at 62 because of physical problems, and I'm selling my belongings at flea markets to make extra money. A few years ago, when everything tanked, I joked that future jobs would include thrift shop employee, second hand dealer, and flea market organizer. Looks like I was right.


SharonSJ - don't forget security guard / prison guard. :(

Mike Roberts

Hmm, it seems that Gallup are joining in the party, this month - they see even underemployment as sharply down (to 18%, from 19.1%). Is that even remotely possible?



Hello Dave:

I work with a bunch of engineer's, now that's a job where one would
expect the people to look at the truth and react to the number's. After all, I've yet to see the law's of physic's being changed by wishful thinking.

This group, will not look at the world or the US in any sane manner, and I've finally come to the conculsion, we're fucked.


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