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Bill Hicks

An issue near and dear to my own heart, which I touched on in my own post this morning: "Toxic Wasteland." Which from now on is a term I will not only employ to describe the environmental destruction we are senseless wreaking upon the planet in our mindless drive for ever higher levels of consumerism, but to the political system that enables it to continue unabated.


It all sounds pretty much on the money to me. You can probably add that the energy and ecological situations will continue to rapidly deteriorate as well.

John D

I think the only slight difference between the two parties is in reproductive rights, and picking Supreme Court nominees. Other than that, no difference. Both believe that growth is the solution to all our problems, and both sell their souls to lobbyists to get elected.


I wish I could make the case for differences as per your suggestion, but what is there to say? Your essay is irrefutable.

We are now living under a dictatorship, and the Congress has been reduced to an irrelevent relic. A jobs program for unemployable lawyers and other, assorted, self-serving blowhards.

What kind of a dictatorship are we under, then? A plutocracy? An oligarchy? Is this fascism?

I don't really know for sure. Maybe all of them. And how will it all end? That's what I would very much *like* to know, what I wish to know. The U.S. is on an unsustainable path, one I don't think can continue much longer. How much longer can this go on?

Then again, the present charade has gone on for much longer than I ever imagined that it would, so...

white collar crime kills

"only slight difference between the two parties is in reproductive rights, and picking Supreme Court nominees. Other than that, no difference."
Another overall difference.
Dems are in the pay of evil and non-evil, and talk about helping average person. Repugs are in the pay of evil, and promise to enslave almost everyone.
Which do you think has more chance of being persuaded to help (or at least not hurt) the average person?
With no one else even close to winning an election, when you eventually have a final vote, you should vote for lesser evil.
Look a the Lushbo & Fluke campaign. Look at the more recent anti-ALEC campaign. A lot of work gets results.


I agree with John D. but I see more differences concerning such things as the limited safety net we have left and issues of the environment and those difference are enough for me to vote against any and all Republicans while I continue fighting for public financing of all elections.


I will vote third party. But if I had to vote for a Dimwit or Repug, it would be the Dimwit, due to 3 words:

Supreme Court Nominations

Corporations are NOT people!


I was listening to in between us, the hook is apropos:

Mass confusion, in my head
Killing me, driving me mad
Got me wondering, can I trust my friends?
Cuz they stick me in my back every chance they get
Am I paranoid? and if that's the case
Is it curable? Can you help me find my place?
I can't handle this, I'm losing it
With a loose grip I'm hanging on to emptiness
Help your brother, save him from the
Evil demons, in between us, came between us

Sigh. President Obama aka Obozo vs. Mitt Romney aka RoboCorp smh


The only thing I'm hoping for from this election is that voters (not politicians, but voters themselves through initiatives) will legalize pot in Washington, California, and Colorado. Maybe then it will get legalized elsewhere in the US and I can be legally stoned as this ship sinks.

Though if they DO vote to legalize it, the feds will jump in to squash it so fast you won't even be able to blink. That will really be painful to watch.

I think we're past the point where meaningful change can happen through electing representatives. What that means in the end, I don't know.

Billy Crystal

Vote for the lovin'! Why take chances on being a limp dick?

Voted for McCain? Your Testosterone Dipped
Why you may have felt less manly after voting in the presidential elections

Scientific American Magazine | January 2010

"Well, sir, a gentleman that gets whistles!"


Much as I hate both parties, it's the Republicans who will carry out severe austerity programs for the lower classes while enriching the rich. It is the Republicans who want to privatize Social Security and Medicare. They also push laws giving them control over women's bodies--all the while talking about freedom and getting government out of your life. Finally, why would we put a vulture capitalist in charge of creating jobs when 25% of the companies Romney took over were closed down and tens of thousands thrown out of work?

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