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Who needs a viable healthy ocean when you have Sea World? It's not like living in those conditions causes the various marine mammals to live on the edge of insanity or anything.


You'd be surprised at the number of South Americans who are flocking to Sea World and other Florida touron areas - as they visit the country to open offshore bank accounts so they can get their remaining money out of places like Venezuela (according to a friend at the State Department).

Brian M

This stems from a number of issues (as you've pointed out before), but two biggies are the neoclassical view of debt and the innate human ability to be stupid (not learn from the past, etc.).

The basic neoclassical economics view of debt (and I'm simplifying only slightly) is that it is totally irrelevant. Their view is that one man's debt is another man's asset. All lending does is move money from one party to another, from savers to spenders, therefore it cannot have any meaningful macroeconomic effect (for a bunch of reasons that are ridiculous on their face, but that's not the main point). The main point is that these people, for the most part, really believe this crap at a religious level. Never mind that it's bunk and that there are enormous implications in the real world. The theory says it doesn't matter and the theory is always right, therefore it doesn't matter.

On the human scale, see Einstein... insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Debt does not matter. Lending moves assets to more "productive" uses (like financial instruments aimed at sucking the life out of companies like SeaWorld). Repeat after Ben, "THIS. IS. GOOD." Same bubble plan, same bubble result. Wash, rinse, spin, repeat.

I would say that this is just more of the blind leading the clueless, but it would be insulting to both the blind and the clueless.


ruthless & predatory


Yes, those are all issues, but what jumped out at me from this story is this: WTF do beer and sea animals have to do with each other? How did we ever allow corporate monstrosities to have such utterly unrelated tentacles? At one time, laws specifically prohibited companies from engaging in more than one kind of business. Reinstating those would be a good first step, although cancer capitalism is probably too far gone for that to have much effect in the time frame we'd need it to.

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