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Bill Hicks

I didn't think it was possible for the NCAA to stoop to a new low--but there you go. Meanwhile, Cam Newton's transgression were well known for months before he won the Heisman Trophy and then QB'ed his team to a national championship, yet he was afforded a due process that will, like Reggie Bush's before him, drag on for years until someday he has to quietly hand back his trophy. This kid's "crime" was that he wasn't a star, and hence someone the NCAA thought they could easily make an example of to show how "tough" they are.


Bread and circuses. Heavy on the circuses.


You are probably right, Dave, but I couldn't care less about college basketball, much less professional basketball.

I consider it a sure sign of general societal collapse that we care so much about young men throwing a ball around.

Remind me again what college is supposed to be about? A higher education, or sports and debt serfdom?

Cool Breeze

Dr. Richard Kimble: [Holding Gerard at gunpoint] I didn't kill my wife!
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: I don't care!


My God. I'm a huge basketball fan and this is the type of shit that makes me just want to completely stop watching NCAA ball or even the NBA. They're pimping guys like Samuels for huge fucking profits but he can't ask his coach, his friend, for money to help feed his family?



Reggie Bush and Newton's alleged transgressions were far more egregious than Samuels', yet as you pointed out they were afforded due process. I have to assume it's because of the money and media interest Cam and Reggie Bust, er, Bush, generated.

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