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"Say what? Our economic problems are due to slowing population growth? Because fewer women entering the work force? If that's really their argument, that's easily the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. Well, OK, maybe not, but it's right up there."

Oh my God! Dave I'm so fucking glad you typed that because after I read their fucking claim, that demographics is the principle factor in declining trend growth rates in employment, I was about to explode.


We're looking at a structural breakdown, rather than a recession or depression, and it's essential that people in power understand this. We need people to see the larger picture instead of focusing on single issues, it's similar to the crisis the world faced in the 1930s except the scale of crisis is orders of magnitude larger than it was then. But hey, all we need to do is fuck more and have more children, preferably girls, and everything will pan out in the future, right?


"Dave! You are a threat to real estate! If the population isn't growing, who's gonna live in the houses that we cut down the forests and paved over the wetlands to build? DEREGULATION! GROWTH! TAX CUTS! LIBERTY! DRILL BABY, DRILL! PROSPERITYYYYYYY!!!!"
The dying gasp of Homo Business As Usual.


I could have done a better job of fake Latin-izing that species name...

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