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Israel has done the dirty work in the Middle East for Anglo-American empire for six decades. Israel is a militarist, police-state client serving the interests of the militarist-imperialist American, British, Canadian, Australian, and European rentier oligarchs. The Israeli citizens are pawns on the geopolitical chessboard of oil empire. We co-opt or invade and occupy in order to contain Iran, China, and Russia, using Israel's intelligence and military apparatus as a formidable weapon against the enemies of oil empire.

The business of empire is war, and war is good business. War is politics by other means, economics is politics, and war is economics is politics.

Therefore, monetary, fiscal, social, economic, tax, and foreign policies are inextricably entangled with never-ending imperial war and the necessity of funding the global superstructure of war.

Virtually every segment of American society is now subservient to, or is subject to a net incremental cost from, maintaining Anglo-American oil empire, costing the US $1 trillion a year or 10% of the private US GDP and equivalent to nearly 20% of private wages.

And there is not a bloody thing any of us can do about it.

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