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terrifying blog entry dave ... makes it seem as if we're hopelesly fucked ... sigh as much as i hate to say this bro i think we all have to just accept the reality and try to make something of ourselves ...

check this vid out bro, it really enlightened me i think you'll enjoy it



Don't worry Dave, some "researchers" from a corporate think tank told me that it's all just fine and that it's only really a problem if I am a "tree hugger", and since their organization has an impressive and official sounding title, I have no reason not to take their assessment at face value.

But really, it's like we are living in some kind of nightmare, only we wake up to it, instead of from it.

Dave Cohen


Perhaps you would be surprised by how little I worry about the problems I write about. After all, there's not a damn thing I can do about them. I just feel that others should know what's going on. They can worry if they want to.

-- Dave

John Theodorou

There are many arrows in the quiver of overshoot, collapse and die-off it seems. Our biological imperative to grow at all costs - "progress", blinds us as to how far out on a limb we've gone, even as some of us are waking up to the fact. Unfortunately, there are many more willingly sawing off at that limb, from different angles, in the name of progress.


Dave, when I was 14 in 1984 and a member of Greenpeace I wrote to them after they had asked me for some money to save the Gorilla or something. My letter said something along the lines of how, exactly, could Greenpeace, or anyone else, achieve anything when in the face of development of human needs the environment would ALWAYS come second. I told them that I could not see any way they could possibly stop this happening and that the natural world was, essentially, living on borrowed time.
Of course I soon after realised that it is we who are on borrowed time.
I did not receive a reply.
After spending my twenties and much of my thirties trying to do the right thing and recycle and get everyone else to switch of the lights and so on in the hope that it would make a difference, I too have now gone past the pointing of trying to do anything about it or even trying to convince anyone else of our myriad problems.
It is sad that the informed generations, i.e. the children of the Boomers, have chosen to take their pieces of silver and let the world burn.
But, there you are, what can one do, eh?

By the way, acid rain is still a increasingly major and ongoing problem that is killing many forests worldwide from the top down.
Amazing! I thought we'd fixed that problem.

Wonder how those Gorillas are getting on?

Robert M. Ciesielski

Hi Dave
There are some things we can do, but the U.S. corporate media will not talk about them. The Europeans have dramatically cut back on CO2 and methane release through feed in tariffs. Germany produces 20% of its electricity from renewable sources. They expect over 35% by 2020.
Our fossil fuel behemoths won't acknowledge this can be done. Not only are the Europeans getting clean energy, but thousands of jobs, billions of Euros in investments, improved health of citizens and the environment and remarkable reduction in greenhouse gases.
Yes, we can do the same. There are better jobs than building pipelines for the tar sands oil and driving frack waste trucks to the nearest quite stream.
So, I don't think we should give up. This is what Exxon, Massey Coal and Chesapeake Energy hope for.
We have an obligation to our kids.
I actually think the younger generation is the most active in trying to protect the Earth.
So say a prayer, sacrifice some time, get up and do something.
God meant for us to try and create a better place for all creatures... not watch television and wait for the end of the world. Bless us all.

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