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"Virtual Politricks" is what we have here in America. Read this quote from an interview with an investigative reporter who spent a considerable amount of time in Russia and then came back to America:

"In Russia you have rich oligarchs funding these fake political movements, virtual politics is what they call it, and then using their minions in the media to push it forward and attack anybody who tries to expose it. I didn't realize when we put out this article in 2009 - you know we were attacked pretty seriously by people from the 'Atlantic Monthly' and so on who later turned out to have ties to the Koch brothers - I didn't realize how far down the road to a sort of Russian Oligarchy we had already gone. When you spend a lot of time in Russia, you understand how cynical oligarchs and the rich, especially when they get involved in politics, can be. One of the huge differences though is that Russians themselves have become very cynical and skeptical, but Americans are still pretty trusting and gullible, and so they keep getting hoodwinked and lead to believe that the tea Party was this completely spontaneous outbreak of protest. In fact the whole thing was guided by rich people to push their buck."




I'm 21 and I'm very realistic (doomsday) about the direction our nation is heading, and I just wanted to thank you for helping to clarify my world view with your wonderful blog.

Thanks a lot Dave.


Dave, I love your daily missive. Keep up the great work. Thought you might enjoy this as more evidence of DOTE. The one thing Obama did right has cross currents of crony capitalism. Disheartening.


Dan Miner

Hi Dave,

I know you put a lot of effort into your blog and I read it regularly. I appreciate what you do - and completely understand that you're upset more people aren't paying attention to it. And the larger situation of course. The folks who are reading your blog? Many of them are already quite familiar with the DOTE themes and have little to add. We're all sitting here watching things disintegrate. Some of us are called to witness by communicating about it, and others by reading those messages. I am briefly and slightly comforted to know that others are seeing what I see and more, so I'm not alone. It's good for you to ponder your direction, but please don't be hard on yourself. Thanks for your efforts.

Dan from NYC

Dennis Roubal

Thanks for your work Dave. I read your blog everyday.

I have discussed these issues with friends and relatives. Trying to get people to recognize the corruption is very difficult. They don't like to think about these issues.

When I tell them that gov't doesn't know who they are, doesn't work for them, that both parties have divided and conquered the public, with very little difference between them, I get a look the says maybe I'm a little wacko. Trying to get people to vote for third parties, is trying to get them to think outside-the-box. They can only do that with things they are interested in, like sports.

I don't think the problems our country has can be solved by people that are 80,70,60, or even 50 years old. These groups have already had their chance. Also half of them are receiving gov't transfer payments, so, gov't looks kind of benevolent to them.

Our country's problems will have to be solved by a much younger generation who will grow up without the benefit of the programs, but will be expected to pay for them. I think crisis will force change at some point.

Of course, only about 25% of people even graduate from high school anymore, so I might be wrong.


In response to today's post, I am posting here. Not sure if you'll read it but I think it will get lost there.

I am a high school economics teacher for a large school district in Ontario, California. I teach 5 sections of macroeconomics to seniors, ages 17-18.

I follow and read this blog each and every day. I rarely comment since I don't think anyone cares about what I think or what I have to say. But I do post sometimes.

It is a common practice for me to copy and print out your essays for my entire class. I regularly use your posts as "hot topics" to launch into a classroom discussion, or to provide content for an essay question I have in mind. This blog is an indespensible tool in my lesson planning and use of writing assessments.

In the case of this particular post I not only shared it with students but posted it to the facebook pages of some of my colleagues, including our union president. I've done that MANY times with the essays you post.

But again, I didn't post anything because I don't believe anyone gives a rat's behind what I think. That's the only reason I don't often post. Who cares what I have to say? We are here to learn what YOU have to say, and to share.

I hope you will re-think your disappointment over the (perceived) non-response of the readership. Though I say little here on the site, my students and I are ALWAYS paying attention to you, and to you blog.

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication, both are very gratefully appreciated.

Randy West

Dave- I also read your blog each day (and I did watch the video) and like a previous poster I often feel as though I haven't much to add. I know how bad things are (at least for me).

After a fairly long period or unemployment,I once again found a good paying job in aviation. At least good paying by south Texas standards. The catch is the job is 175 miles from home and I have to live in a shitty dump during the week, then drag my tired ass home for a couple days of r&r with wife and family, home maintenance,tend my garden, spend time with my dog who must wonder why I don't play with him much any more, then drag my tireder ass back to a job I hate in a city I loathe.

I hope you continue this excellent blog. I look forward to it each day for a much needed dose of both information and reality. Your work is very much appreciated.


For a blistering, scathing analysis of Obummer's SOTU, please see Nader's interview from today. It won't disappoint you:

Nader Shines a Flood Light on Reality

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