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Amazing art made out of plastic garbage:



It so apalling and just infuriating. I can't go to the beach and not find plastic trash everywhere. Just everywhere. From sizable things like water bottles and soda bottles, to millions of tiny shards of it spread everywhere, in every little dune.
It makes me so angry, not sad, but angry. It makes me want to hurt those responsible. But of course, we are all responsible.


This is why everything disposable should be biodegradeable. Plastic is a really, really useful material, but using it to create throw-away cups and bags that will last for thousands of years should be criminal. Plastic bags should have been illegal years ago.


We're destroying the planet fairly quickly, on just about every level, so I don't see future generations surviving for long. Maybe the Republicans want to remove all environmental protections so we can get to Heaven faster...?


one word...shh...'nough said...that's a deal...


Dave Cohen


It was 1967, I was in high school, and yet I remember that scene as though it were yesterday.

-- Dave


@sharonsj, you'd be surprised how many of those psychopaths actaully think that way. You say it like a joke, and it sounds like a joke, but it isn't.



Like yesterday for me too; in college and a big Simon & Garfunkel fan.
My favorite Nichols film.

I carry my lantern around and it's nice to come here and put it down for a while.



George Carlin had something to say about plastic which, when looking at things on a much longer time scale, makes sense. But when you're talking about such a grand time scale, all of humanities problems are moot:


You know what? It's really scary that only NINE comments have been posted about this story. NINE out of billions of people are even paying attention to this devastation. Pardon me while I throw up a little bit in my mouth.

Dave Cohen

Well, Gail --

You know my view of the Human Condition. I've expressed this view many, many times before on DOTE.

Trashing the planet? No big deal. Nothing happening here, folks, move on, move on...

-- Dave



How about the missing plastic.......some of it wound up here. Yeps that was chick of a Albatros, raised by it's loving parents who fly nautical distances to feed their chick. Who are not acustomed to the plastic shit and who mistake it for food and bring it home to their chicks (if they themselves are not caught in longline fishing). It then winds up in the stomachs of the chicks, which can't digest it. They think they have a full belly but finally starve to death. Fead to death by their parents.

Plastic is a wonderfull material but in nine out of ten cases something meant to last for eternity ever lasting is used for 2 minutes to carry groceries from a superstore to a car and back into a house. Now some African countries have responded to this plight in a big way and have made plastic shopping bags illegal. Why can't we follow suit as so much more advanced civilizations. You know I once saw a film of some Yanomami in Venezuala or Brazil and guess what one of them was using. An Zeeman shopping bag from Holland, you stand baffeled then.

BTW, I have seen Chris's pictures in Dusseldorf in real. They are even more disturbing then, as on the internet. Chris at the moment:


is at Midway once again to check on the albatrosses and film their mating behaviour.

Greetings, Ed


Hey Gail,
Don't feel too bad about the number of folks who commented, I'm sure a lot more than 9 folks read it. Heretofore I hadn't made a comment but after reading it yesterday I cut and pasted the url into an email and sent it out to some folks who I thought would find it of interest -- most of whom I know do not read this blog.

I do commiserate with your point though.

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