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Having worked in the ICT-industry myself for 10 years I have seen the blend of borderline patients, neurotics, narcists and asperger syndrome patients (not to mention the downright autists) that prevail in this industry upclose. Not to say that there are no normal people working in the ICT-industry but I think you will be hard pressed to find so many socially less functional people in a building then in any major ICT facility (except for a mental institution of course). Steve Jobs was as I see it, a not to clever visionary, with a rather narrow minded vision of the world. Probably he himself even believed selling iShit (your words not mine) to the world made the world a better place and turned himself into the next incarnation of Christ allmighty. But the sad fact is that he leaves nothing in his wake but a huge mountain of soon rendered obsolete toys.

Greetings, Ed


I never really understood the bizarre appeal that Jobs was purported to have. All I could ever think when I saw him do one of his little presentations was: "Holy Christ, is this guy a self important jackass or what?"

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