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Back in the late 80s there was a "homeless" people's march held in Washington and a number of other places. There was scant media coverage and it cycled out of the news within a day or so. That event was the first time I really noticed the media actively minimizing a protest that was off-script and drew attention to what has since spread to become undeniably an underclass -- the 99%


@db - I remember the homeless march on DC - it was Larry King's wedding day (second, or fourth, I don't remember which), an event which received more MSM attention.


In fact, the broadcast media is almost totally inaccessible to those not in the upper class by design. And it’s getting worse. Anderson Cooper is member of the Vanderbilt family. Thomas Friedman’s wife is heir to a real estate fortune worth billions. And so on. How unbiased are these guys? It’s amazing people think the press is just an unbiased source of facts. These people attend the same universities, send their kids to the same private schools, dine in the same five star restaurants, live in the same gated communities and attend the same dinner parties as the people they cover in the beltway. Where do their loyalties lie? To cite one example, Obama’s former budget director Peter Orszag is married to Bianca Golodryga, currently the host of the weekend version of Good Morning America. Before GMA, she was a correspondent for CNBC. And before that? You guessed it – she worked for the financial services industry! (source:Wikipedia). Sleeping with the enemy?

The coopting of the media is one issue that distinguishes today from the 1930’s, when journalists were much as Greenwald describes, and I wish this got more attention. Why hasn’t there been the outrage today like there was back then? Well, what media was there in the thirties?. No television. Some radio. The closest thing back then was William Randolph Hearst’s empire, but that’s nothing compared to the six corporations that run the media today. Fortunately, I think people are starting to wake up to this fact as what the media are describing is more and more at odds with what they actually see in their daily lives. The Russians knew their media was lying to them. It’s time for all Americans to come to the same realization.

BONUS: A Nation of Vidiots commentary by Jeffrey Sachs:


Dave - thanks for bringing this and the Steve Jobs issue up yesterday. Now watching Erin Burnett take down Herman Cain for his untoward advances. One thing that strikes me is how packaged our information has become. You can almost imagine wrapping up the Cain story in paper and putting a bow on it, just as you can any other story we hear. And the package can be regifted whenever needed to bring out appropriate feelings. Need fear? Bring out the "9/11" package. Need inspiration? The package about the guy burned in war and now dancing on network TV will do. Need sex (distraction)? Yes, please!


Great post - thanks.

I haven't thought of "They're Made Out of Meat" for about 30 years - glad you did.

Re: "4) propaganda telling us how well we're doing"

There's also the propaganda telling us how to do what it is we're doing so well.

I recommend everyone view the "Century of the Self" documentary series by Adam Curtis:


"The Persuaders" by Douglas Rushkoff (Frontline) is a very good companion:


We should all learn what has been and is being done to us.

Keep swinging away...

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