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Just thought I'd point out that Wilkinson is a *libertarian* writer, not a liberal writer.

Dave Cohen

Ao --

Corrected in the text. I confused him with someone else. Sorry about that.

-- Dave


Eh, Dave,

What about the way congress is chosen in most Anglosaxon countries. In mainland Europe we have a congress that usually does not rely on an absolute majority of either right wing versus right wing parties (:-)) but it represents a mish mash of idea's and ideologies (which is called a civilization). In Germany for instance "Der Bundestag" is made up of 5 parties ranging from "Die Linke" to "Die Grüne" then over to the "Social Democrat Party" into the middlefield composed of "Christian Democrat Party" onwards to the rightwing (eh, theye'd be about as rightwing as the most leftwing Democrat) "Free Democratic Party". As a result every government since World War II was a coalition. Same goes for Holland (eh, we even have a bigger range of idea's represented in government from the Animal Rights Party all the way up to the PVV of Geert Wilders and guess what plans get passed through parlement with varrying majorities, and on some occasions leftwing and rightwing parties back each others plans). Then introduce a limit to "Parteispenden" as is functional in Germany and voila you have a working democracy, a working economy and a working welfare state since everybody has to take account of everybody elses position in setting regulations. And no one ever forgets the real world in doing so. So a leftwing government could make itself impopular by reforming social laws (the famous Harz IV reforms of the SPD/Die Grüne administration a few years back). And a rightwing coalition abolishes nuclear energy since the people do not sponsor it anymore and communal elections made 100% clear that without that move the right/middle coalition would be at it's end. Now that is working democracy. And guess what in Germany unemployment figures are down to an all time low because of all of that. Government debt is nowhere near the levels in the US and Germany is exporting its socks of. So I guess abolish you undemocatic voting system ASAP and everything will work out just fine since your congress will then trully represent the total pluriformity of the American civilisation. Think what would happen if Obama would have needed a Grass Roots Party in order to reach a majority. Now folks who are fed up with "Mr. (Short)Change" have no hope but to run into the armes of the Tea Party or seas voting alltogether since there frankly is not much to vote.

Greetings from the other side of the Atlantic, Ed


Our entire campaign system is insane, but not likely to change unless it is forced to change. But with the Supreme Court saying that money is speech and that corporations are people, this insanity has been legalized. I don't know what we can do next. Perhaps throwing out 95% of Congress might be a start?

supra society

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