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Alexander Ač

Now we can wait till the rest of 99,999999 % of BS economists will join him... or not.


You'll notice that he makes no mention of climate change, really only resource decline. Good luck with all your hopes for agriculture there friend, 'cause climate change is gonna throw one big rusty monkey wrench into those works.


“The economic arrangement of society is to the liking of those who profit most from it. And it is no coincidence that they are exactly those who wield the power — the power to maintain intact the arrangement that suits them,”

-Manfred Max-Neef in "Economics Unmasked"



Beliefs have consequences?


Dave Cohen

As that video points out, beliefs are flimsy things, like tissue paper. They need not be based on anything at all, and usually aren't.

I "believe" it best to take a psychological view of belief systems. Beliefs are sugarcoating, they mask all sorts of hidden agendas, some of them conscious but most of them not (residing in the unconscious).

Like the virulently anti-homosexual congressman who is a closet homosexual. That's an easy example, but this human tendency goes far beyond this simple textbook case.

We could go around all day analyzing why some people absolutely deny that we are changing the climate. But the explicit stuff they offer up (their opinions, beliefs) is absurd on the face of it. There are all sorts of hidden agendas behind those statements. Without a brain-o-scope, we'll never know the real reasons, the psychological motivation, for their denial. I'm sure in some cases it is just a matter of getting paid (bribed) to make those statements. They have what Twain called corn-pone opinions. But of course, they will all deny that, too.

It seems astonishing that all sorts of people "believed" that free trade agreements would NOT, in time, help destroy the American job market. Yet all sorts of politicians pushed that agenda, and most economists and that redoubtable man of the people, Paul Krugman, supported them. Of course globalization has served the corporations and the Powers That Be very well, and served the American people not at all. And naturally there was opposition to these trade agreements from the beginning by people who could see that Americans were being sold down the river. So much for beliefs.

-- Dave


Well, upon closer inspection, God's bowtie is poorly knotted. His glasses are pretentious. And the Captain Kangaroo fetish wig is...kinda creepy. So without further ado, I beg you to retract that video linked to in my earlier comment. It can only lead well-intentioned, hapless readers of DOTE, following the entire series, inadvertently into the worst sort of youtube perdition.

Please, accept my apologies!


I've never heard of the term "biostitute" until today by a former biology researcher who was unhappy with a career change he made and was ready to go back into performing research for consulting firms that do field studies required by government regulatory agencies. As he explained it, businessmen have bought off the politicians and regulators so that their construction projects get pushed through, no matter the severity of environmental degradation that they cause. "Money corrupts everything so that the entire earth gets paved over."

"Our associates have Ph.D. degrees in numerous areas and have produced and written hundreds of EA's (Environmental Assessments) and EIS's (Environmental Impact Statements) that were so misleading and cleverly crafted that power companies have been able to fragment and destroy thousands of acres of fragile native forest and other ecosystems, coal mining companies have been able to blast off entire mountain tops, and departments of transportation have been able to spend billions of dollars helping urban blight and sprawl consume thousands of acres of farmland so that the petroleum industry could sell millions of barrels of oil to new hordes of commuters."

To some degree we are all prostitutes to the system.


What of the pre-historic communities that flourished as co-operative systems thousands of years before the invention of money? Even recent examples, such as Australian aborigines, provide evidence that human beings can behave differently.
Is individualism etched in our DNA or is it simply learnt behaviour?



I think mr. Gore summed it up quit rightly as he used a quote from mr. Churchill back in the "inconveinient truth days".

>It's hard to make a man believe something if his livelyhood depends on him not believing it.<

That's what this is all about. The stupid simple fact that if you believe climate change exist, that peak oil and peak everything exist and even that peak credit exist, you will have to drasticly alter the way you live (up to the point of hiding in a closet in your basement armed with a Winchester and 40 can's of beans and 80 packets of beef jurky :-)). And you and I know full well (since we are sane people) that if you and I change our habits we will suffer the consequences and the world still will not be a better place.

Who is willing (or able) to say no to consumption? Who is willing or able to live life to his or hers own drum without seccumbing to pear presure? For instance who of the OWS movement would still want to change the rest of his or hers world and his or hers behaviour if his or hers college loan was refunded or his or hers salary was raised substantially (so he or she could buy into the American dream). For whome that American dream (and European and Asian and African dream) has become a nightmare not just because they CANT live it anymore, but because they don't WANT to live it anymore? I guess that's another 1 versus 99%. Now those 1 procent are the seed of a new dawn. Small group of people huh, so much for hope.

Greetings, Ed


Hi Dave

I wonder if Maxton's acceptance into the mainstream (e.g. FT & Goldman awards), is because he offers the elite a cunning get away plan.

When faced with the failure to deliver material well being for the masses, they may just end up "fobbing" us off with sentimental platitudes; "you all should be content with your own love and spirituality - don't worry about such materialistic nonsense".

The 99.9% just need to learn to live off the milk of human kindness - whilst the 0.1% hog the remaining dwindling real resources!

John Andersen

I agree that precious few are willing or in a position to take the flak that comes from rejecting the empire.

Those who can are lucky, courageous, what have you.

Most people will remain stuck in the old paradigm even though they are aware it is wrongheaded.


Human nature and failure of belief systems. But the beliefs have been based upon a constant flow of marketing propoganda.

Tony Weddle

There seems to be a growing number of books and articles that signal the end of economic growth. A good one I read recently is "The End of Growth" by Richard Heinberg. It doesn't really have an obligatory hope section, in the way you'd expect, so is a fairly rounded examination of the limits (both economic and environmental) that signal the end of growth. A fairly easy read, too.

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