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when you vote demand a receipt. if you are told 'that's impossible' point out that a bank atm provides receipts and you don't appreciate being lied to. inquire where is the repository of the source code running on the voteing machine so as to verify the intent of the program. the voteing system is so broken and abused in the usa that lbj must be laughing in his grave. athen gibbs had a company called 'truevote'. he died in a horrific automobile accident and the company disappeared. it's your vote, make sure it's counted.

John Andersen

Remind me again why I should even care about the upcoming presidential election aside from the sheer entertainment value of the run-up to it?

Tony Weddle

I'm so glad that I don't live in the US. 18 month election campaigns? Sheesh! If that's not an indication of decline, I don't know what is.


el vinator:
Nice try. But I've given up on voting.

You can waste your time voting, as far as I'm concerned. Just don't blame me as our society continues to collapse.



the vote system in the usa is so broken it may never be remedied. but as we grab our pitchforks and head to the palace revolution at least we can say we asked. currently a vote in the usa aint worth shit.

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