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Your "discombobulated" in an earlier post made me laugh when I caught up this morning - and so that's what I called my report from the skirmish yesterday in New York between the police and Occupy Wall Street:


Maybe it will all flitter away - or maybe it's just the beginning of the revolution!

google street view funny

No one knows what they are protesting about.


Great links Dave. Thanks so much


"Conspiracies are wrong." Yeah, sure they are. Everything we see happening today is purely the result of human greed and stupidity, nothing more. Uh huh.

And the American, French, and Russian Revolutions were all accidental happenstances, too. No conspiracies with any of those, either.

Domhoff is a tool with no cred.

N E X T !


@googlestreet: They are protesting against the control corporations, financial institutions have over the political process in the US as well as their control over day life and the corresponding financialization/commodification of everything. In short, they are attempting to say, collectively, as the late Bill Hicks put it,

"Stop trying to put a dollar sign on every f*cking thing on this planet!"

We can certainly debate the merits or demerits of protest as tactic, or whether any tactic is likely to succeed at this late stage, but don't say that they "don't know what they're protesting." They know damn well. The mostly young people in this country have begun to catch on, and as the months and years go by more and more of them will. And they'll get angrier and angrier.

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