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Me too. :-(


I do agree with the notion that I Blame Prometheus for global warming:


However...I don't think culpability is so easily avoided. The first video claims that humans cannot destroy the planet.

That's cute but false. We are changing the climate far faster than it has ever been nudged before from natural causes, such as unavoidable asteroid impacts, or orbital extremes.

Species like trees with generational turnover in CENTURIES cannot possibly adapt to the rate of change, and so they will go extinct. With violent weather and release of greenhouse gasses such as methane from the permafrost and clathrates from under the sea, the stage is set for Venus.



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We were living in Russia when Vonnegut died. It knocked the wind out of our sails. We cried. Ten thousand miles away we cried.

Vonnegut was one of the finest writers of the second half of the 20th century and a prophet of the times. There is no replacement for him. He is gone. He will be missed, he is missed--I miss him.....my son misses him. Humanity, if it knows what is good for them, misses him.

Kurt Vonnegut, you were important. You made a difference. You had great things to say and you said them. The things you said had never been said before. You needed to tell us those stories.

Kurt Vonnegut you were important and prophetic and we love you. You will always be missed. We love you.

Tedious words from a wizened woman.

Vonnegut will grow with time like Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy and Twain and Dickens. A truth teller whose truth cannot be apprehended or silenced or changed.

Why did I come back to this post days later?
To read the condolences to Vonnegut. And there weren't any.

A heartbreaking resonance of silence. I am so sorry people of the second half of the twentieth century were not paying more attention to the genius who spoke to them and told the truth.

Vonnegut's day has not come yet. It will.

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