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How does NPR trick people into believing their smarter and more informed than everyone else? Is it the belief in public funding? Or the soft, classical-radio-like announcers? Or the useless, 1 hour programs about deer dung in between the news?


The irony is I used their instead of they're. Maybe I should listen to NPR more.

Don Levit

Senator Mark Hannah of Utah said in 1895:
The most important thing in politics is money.
The second most important thing... I can't remember.
Don Levit

Mr. Roboto

Has anyone seen this video yet? The green-shoots-chorus must be starting to taste like awfully watery broth to the yearning masses for something like this to get onto BBC:


Mr. Roboto

And BTW, I wouldn't be surprised if Seabrook's bosses at NPR wanted her to do the story in the usual intelligence-insulting "he-said-she-said" style that is so common these days. Or perhaps she really is that clueless, but I wouldn't automatically assume that.


Love your commentary, Dave, read you every day, but Greg Hunter found something that sums up everything you've ever said in one neat little graphic. It renders you obsolete:


Warren Peace

Ah yes, false equivalency, a favorite of mine. We all know the reason we can't get things done is because both sides are "extreme", right? After all the media keeps telling me that's true. The left and right are both extreme, a pox on both their houses and all that. So don't bother to study the issues, and for Heaven's sake, don't bother to vote.

The "extreme" left wants the same health care system as every other industrialized nation on the face of the earth.

The extreme right wants to do absolutely nothing in the face of 50 million uninsured people, eliminate the EPA, the Department of Education, the IRS and the Post Office.

Equivalent, right?

The "extreme" left wanted to raise taxes to Clinton-era levels.

The extreme right was willing to let the United States default for the first time in history to make sure that didn't happen. Oh, and they want to cut taxes for the wealthy even more in the face of monster deficits.

Equivalent, right?

The "extreme" lefts want do something about climate change, along with even right-leaning conservative parties in Europe and Asia.

The extreme right does not believe in man-based climate change, along with evolution, peak oil and and any limits to growth.

Equivalent right?

The "extreme" left wanted to spend money (however misguided) to put people back to work.

The extreme right wants to eliminate Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Food Stamps and Unemployment Insurance.

Equivalent, right?

The extreme right wants to remove all gun laws, ban all stem-cell research, alter the constitution to prevent gay marriage, and force the pledge of allegiance in schools.

The extreme left: ????

Not much "conservative" about conservatives these days, is there? Since the right built their own propaganda - er, sorry, "media" networks, they have been able to advance an agenda so radical that anyone except for the John Birch Society would have recoiled in horror, while at the same time, lablelling any voice of sanity as "Liberal media bias." This has caused the mainstream media to cower in fear to this demographic (after all the media is there to sell ads, not inform), allowing ideas that are batshit crazy to be treated as reasonable discourse. NPR itself is a constant target of conservative ire, which certainly forces them to do crap like these "false equivilancy" things, meaning every viewpoint is just as valid as any other.

If the German media in the 1930's were similar to the American media today, having secured a secret copy of Hitler's Final Solution they would have spent time trolling around for voices representing both sides of the issue.


Warren, the "left" doesn't put those positions out as ideas. They put them out as straw men to be knocked down. As Dave points out, they are millionaires who take bribes for access as well and they are not going to vote against their own interests unless it's as a lone wolf on an idea that won't happen.


Of course I was referring to liberal rank-and-file, not the bought and paid for Democrats at the commanding heights. Surveys showed that average people wanted a single-payer system; what we got from the Democrats was a complex giveaway to the health insurance/pharmaceutical industry.

But the idea that both sides are “extreme” that the media is peddling is ludicrous. The Democrats are Eisenhower Republicans. Yet if you listen to the average Republican, they are “socialists.” The rank-and-file Republicans are as extreme as their representatives. You would think that the move to the center would increase the Democratic party’s popularity, but as the Democrats move to the center it seems the country keeps pulling to the right. In any other country, the Democrats would be the conservative party (including their sympathy for bankers). Krugman has a good post about this:


For a story about money in politics that doesn’t pull its punches, see this:


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