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I love how the 2 cyborg talking head pundits, despite the fact that the host has lost his mind, just fall right into their respective roles whenever Dylan takes a breath.


There are plenty of simple solutions, none of which will happen. Congress is both corrupt and spineless. This country is owned by big business so the average citizen should not expect any help. There is a reason why so many people are growing their own food and buying guns.

Brian M

And the root of that evil is based in two simple, and yet completely fucking insane, constitutional interpretations...

1. Money is speech
2. Organizations are persons

Until you fix these, you can't fix money in politics. And if that is the root of all evil, evil will continue to grow because it has good, strong roots.

Of course, as you point out, in our "real" world, we can't fix these problems. They require at the very least an entirely new supreme court full of progressives (and that would only fix it until they moved on), or, more realistically, constitutional amendments. Can we imagine, in any time frame before things become truly nasty, a political situation that would allow for the passage of useful constitutional amendments? No, I can't either.

Don Levit

I pulled out of the stock market in one full swoop at the end of July.
My reasoning is that the stock market does not represent the buy and hold, long-term sustainable attitude it used to have.
Now, we see ups and downs in the market based on a few words Bernanke may have said, the economic situation in France, or even if low interest rates will be maintained.
The stock market is also controlled by the few. Something like 10% of the households own 80-90% of the stock.
In short, the stock market is for the elites who think short-term.
Regarding politics and money, Mark Hannah, senator of Utah stated in 1895:
The most important thing in politics is money.
The second most important thing... I can't remember.
Don Levit


Brilliant clip and post, Dave. Sad truth is fascism won't change until we start to unravel the fascist threads that make up the very fabric of ourselves, on an emotional level. It's produced by insecurity. Repressed emotions from our earliest days when our parents, siblings, and society were all too insecure to actually be there with us, as the people we were born into this world to be when we are at our truest, most relaxed, most giving, most properly selfish, best.

This world may just go down in flames, but what can we do but take care of our own insecurities, the ones we touch in every felt and sensed every moment? The macro factors at large are offspring of our collective insecurities, but they're too big for any one of us to take care of.

We've gotta look, and feel, inward, and the outward will come at the same time. Doesn't mean it'll happen though. :(


Obama will not EVER do what Dylan is asking of him. BHO is bought and paid for so why would he get on his high horse and tell others to clean up their act? You can't expect someone to clean up corruption when they are part of that corruption.

People with low moral character typically have low moral courage.

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