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Very fitting last name for David; the magnitude of his delusions are infinite, too, I think. He reminds me of the 'rational optimist' nutjob you posted on a while back.

John Ennis

Dave, I love you guy, but doofuses like this are unworthy of your ire.

True scientists rarely have a decent idea of the human condition. For the most part they are semi-autistic retards with a barely functioning social understanding.

I would go after more sporting game.


Reminds me of ray kurzweil and the coming singularity. I think you are right on going after these nut jobs.


I can't decide whether this guy is dangerous, irrelevant, or simply crazy.

Humans may well be the most important entity in the universe, so it is very fortunate they are constrained by physics to a tiny portion of the universe and are unable to expand their destructiveness elsewhere.

Are we dumber than yeast? Good question.

Dr. C

In no way am I anti education, but you have to admit that the human race was arguably incapable of threatening its own continued existence (not to mention the thousands of other species we've driven to extinction) until people started getting university level degrees and the idea of applied science caught on with the business community.


John Ennis, you are so right. My ex was the youngest ever inductee to the NAS. Recently, after I explained the significance of the albedo effect, he said as to me - by way of refuting the notion that climate change will be catastrophic - "But, there have been other times when the earth has been ice-free!"

After a moment of shock I reminded him that at those times there was significantly less land mass for people to live on, not to mention it would be restricted to barren mountaintops and not fertile valleys and river deltas to grow food, not to mention those changes took place over tens of thousands of years...

The people aspect had completely escaped him.

The stuff Deutsch wrote looks like he took a bunch of multisyllabic words and made a nice salad with them.

Dr. C

Also: Those who can, do. Those who can't...

Tony Weddle

He isn't the first scientist to BELIEVE that human ingenuity has no bounds. It's a shame because surely scientists are trained to be very wary of anything that involves infinity.

How can the difference between ugliness and beauty, or between right and wrong, be anything but subjective? How can we measure improvements in morality? This man isn't a thinker except in his scientific discipline.

Further words fail me.


Multisyllabic salad, hah. Reviewer in the Indepedent mentions "long passages of almost impenetrable waffle." http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/reviews/the-beginning-of-infinity-by-david-deutsch-2254066.html Deutsch is concerned with such grand scales, I doubt he'd have a ready answer as to how we refill the Ogalla aquifer etc. Ingenuisly refill it in some manner, right. Desalinate what we need.

Don't know why people fixate on grand issues like this so much. There's no end of people agonizing in forums about how we need to move off the planet because the sun will swallow the Earth in a few billion years, for instance. Er, I think something literally more mundane will get us first, dude.


Your complaints are mealy mouthed. You are too wrapped in the narcissism of the moment.

Either our current problems are a bump in the road, or they are not.

But I don't see any point in bad mouthing someone who does not view our problem with subprime lending as lacking in cosmic importance. Time will tell.


experience and observation = human progress. unlimited? could be - so far, so good.

Dave Cohen

Read carefully, Russell-

I do not fear the passage of time as it regards the correctness of my views -- those derive from Human Nature and the playing out of the well-established trends which follow from it. But I do fear the passage of time in every other way, as future tragedies come to fruition.

As you said, time will tell, my friend, time will tell.

I will disregard your emotionally-fraught use of the term "mealy-mouthed". I'm sure you found what I have to say very upsetting.

And finally -- science gave us the tools to "explain" every physical thing in the world. However, it failed to provide a means by which we could understand ourselves. Human beings wander around in the Dark, clueless, unknown to themselves. Jung, Freud, other psychologists, the shadow, the Unconscious. What you think you know is only the tip of a very busy iceberg. Evil is committed all the time, and rationalized away in a myriad different ways. Or kept out of sight (out of consciousness).

-- Dave

W. Phillips (Phil) Berwick

When in the scientist attempting to show proof that there is an evolution of enlightened human kind, he gave as his example that slavery ended. David Deutsch needs to know facts this side of outer space. In the last two decades and presently, there has been and still is a growing scourge of human trafficking, and as many slaves, (many being sex slaves), as there were during the entire 400 years of the Euro/American slave centuries. So much for our being able to make ourselves righteous on our merits. We have no merits. He who made them and gave the stars their names made a way however. Go ahead, study the names of the stars. They are in every planetarium in the world. They will unfold the truth to whoever wants to go ....beyond outer space.


Excellent point, Phil Berwick.

Ever wonder who picks our strawberries?


W. Phillips (Phil) Berwick

The Fool has said in his heart there is no God. Psalm 14:1

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