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Bill Hicks

It's all starting to make sense from a political standpoint as well--as demonstrated by the palpable desperation of the haphazard intervention in Libya and the curious timing of the SPR release announcement.

My biggest concern is what effect a 2012 oil shock will have on the American presidential election. No matter what, it's going to be UGLY.


Isn't Japan going to have diesel shortages? That might speed up this scenario.


Nice analysis. The million dollar question is what happens to demand from now until then...


Surely the crucial question is whether the Libyan oil comes back, and how soon ? If it is this year, it would delay the shock for maybe 2 years.


To me this says that we have to hope that a combination of EU troubles and US debt ceiling negotiations cause a smallish recession by the end of this summer so that oil demand drops and won't have recovered by the election...because I have no interest in seeing President Michele Bachmann.

John G. Dryden

Conclusion: We are going Solar, hopefully SOONER then LATER, like it or not. And use what precious little Ancient Sunlight (fossil fuel) there is left and retool survival.

todd cory

my home has been zero energy since 2004. be the change you wish to see in the world.

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