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I guess I don't get it. Are we acting out, getting sassy, we need the Boss to show us again whose in charge? Is that why they need to reiterate that they can do anything anywhere to anybody?


I believe I've read the Republicans are pushing for this. And it remains to be seen how many Dems will support it.

When the Repubs were put into the majority, it was because people were upset with the economy and lack of jobs. Instead of doing anything about our problems, the politicians are just pushing their own religious right-wing agendas, making things worse in the process.

And it's not just in Congress, it's in states that elected Republican governors, etc. I'm wondering how bad it will get before people and the media pay attention to how so many of our rights are being taken away.

Dave Cohen

JC --

This is just a guess, but perhaps their need to assert their right to "do anything anywhere to anybody" is born of insecurity (weakness).



How appropos you closed today's post with a reference to Disneyland — see this: http://cryptogon.com/?p=22481, or for the original click here:

Real or not it sure ties in with your final paragraph.

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