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You know Dave, nobody I know gives a rat's ass. Everyone says yeah but its been like that since the start of time. But this is not "normal" something is f***d up. Watching Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman try to answer a simple question and I know it's over for this nation:



I'd like to clarify what I meant above....the Rose video and Coleman's idiocy I think show how far this thing has gone. Nothing needs to be hidden anymore/they can just steal outright, and they don't need to send competent people to dodge real questions anymore. We are fat pigs with an apple in our mouth waiting to be gored with a stick and roasted as far as these people are concerned - no reason to explain anything to the pig.



Now it’s a pity to see, When the land of the free
Turns out to be, Nothin’ but a free for all

If you got dough, You’re freer than most
Cause your freedom goes up, With the size of your bank roll

You can buy a judge or a bribe, Or a thug or a bomb or a shredding machine
You can buy your way through into, And onto any ticket or TV screen

It’s a money disease, It’s a thing called greed
And it feeds on those Who need the money most, In moneyland
Oh it ain’t so funny, It you ain’t got the money, In moneyland

Now a corporate crime, You just do a little time
Pay a little fine, And then you’re in the clear

Murder and robbery, Cause by snobbery
Doesn’t mean a thing, It just falls on deaf ears

Now money is the thing, We all sweat for
It’s what some dreams, Are made of
But then there’s those, Who want it all
And enough is never enough

O-o-o-h, money, money, money
O-o-o-h, more, more, more
O-o-o-h, money, money, money
O-o-o-h, more, more, more

Now a piece of the action, Is the main attraction
Get a big house fast car, Honey you got class

What’ll it get me, How much what’s mine
Are the only questions anybody seems to ask

Now who got beat, got fought, Got bled
And who got burned today
Who got fixed, got fooled, got framed
And who got in the way

Oh, it ain't so funny, if you ain't got the money, in moneyland..
Oh, it ain't so funny, if you ain't got the money, in moneyland..


@Jason, I'm with you, at least your first sentence. Nobody gives a rat's ass. Just stop with that sentence... as Strunk and White say, "Omit needless words." :)

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