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John D

Sounds to me like an episode of I Love Lucy, where Lucy breaks something of Ricky's, tries to fix it- only making it worse, then goes into a hilarious cover up.

Julian Colander

It is often argued that even if the science behind AGW were shown to be flawed, mankind would still eventually have to cut energy consumption anyway - so what if there's a chance the climate scientists might be wrong about the reasons, their conclusions are useful in controlling people's behaviour in the right way. Any notion that the climate could possibly revert to a cooler phase naturally, where a positive offset due to AGW might not be so harmful, need not be dwelled upon, because man still has to cut his fossil fuel consumption anyway. Fair enough.

'Deniers' therefore seem like sad, petty individuals who actually endanger mankind's survival - because by doubting the scientists they must be promoting energy waste and postponing the necessary transformation into a low-energy society. They can be ignored or ridiculed, if not suppressed.

It could happen. You could imagine such a situation developing, then slowly mutating over time until the idea of global warming became universal, incontrovertible truth, with all previous doubts and caveats forgotten.

At which point, following a run of hot summers, a drought in the US and some bad floods in Europe, the idea of permanently dimming down the sun with space mirrors would make perfect political sense...


I think about my wife's grandparents who are from India and near 100 yr old. He was a farm veteranarian, she a home-maker, and very devoted to each other and their god. Very very decent people you would never want to offend them and they treat everyone decently. They are truly human in every sense of that word.

Where do such people fit in in today's world with climate engineering and all the other crap we discuss on DOTE? The answer is they don't fit in - they are lost, a relic. The people among us who preserved tradition, treated each other respectfully, and honor nature are beholden now to geoengineers, etc. Very breathtakingly sad.

J. Doug

Anyone that supports geoengineering is insane. We are spraying Sulfates include sulfur dioxide or SO2, dim-ethyl sulfide C2H6S, carbonyl sulfide COS and hydrogen sulfide H2S aka arsenic. SO2 when combined with water forms aqueous sulfuric acid or H2SO4. This will effect our health adversely causing lung related diseases and chemically induced pneumonia, which is what my grandfather died from. Wake up people before it is too late. Don't let Corporate America and the wealth elitist scum spray aerosols into our skies! We banned CFCs lets ban aerosols. There are no laws at all written. Lets make it happen, NOW!

J. Doug

Read my article about the risks of spraying these aerosols on our health! I guarantee you won't support it. Open your eyes.


Greg Reynolds

This seems like a really bad idea. Every technological solution to a problem has unintended consequences that range from nearly as bad to much worse than the problem to be solved.

Lelli Kelly

We were supposed to be the most intelligent species. None of this seems intelligent, none of what we are doing seems right. I've always thought of all the garbage that is already there in space.This blog sharing the good information.

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