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Several years ago a group of us were on vacation, before the great crash, when we went into a restaurant. The waitress was kind enough to turn the TV on for us. She was more than a little surprised when we immediately told her to turn it off. We were on vacation, and could care less if the rest of the world vaporized during our absence.

Yesterday, I'm sitting at my local bar, two large screen TVs filled with advertising are on the wall, the guy next to me had his palm computer out, on the other side, a couple people were looking at a laptop computer, and then there was the occasional ring of a phone. We are addicted to sensory stimulation, but are becoming less able to associate on a human level.

You will be assimilated, resistance is futile.


This is how they will market soylent green to us.

Bill Hicks

The worst place I've seen for this phenomenon is in wating rooms, where the volume of the always-present teevee is usually set at a level that makes concetrating on reading impossible. I guess so few people read anymore that no one ever complaints. :(


I'm afraid it gets worse...marketers are using more subtle techniques to "brainwash". For instance, if you get the sense God is talking to you, it may be true, or it may be a focused beam of sound telling you to go into Nordstrom's and buy a new pair of shoes:

Also good for crowd control (ala G20 Pittsburgh):

Tony Weddle

72.5% of women visit a nail salon every 2 weeks? That has got to be a lie. Please tell me that's a lie.

Even the 50% visiting hair salons every 6-8 weeks doesn't seem right, but at least more believable.

Morocco Bama

Gail has it right. They will eventually turn us into edible electronic devices when we "pass." You can read the news on your Soylent Green i-phone, then eat it. It takes the phrase "eat shit" to a whole new level.

Morocco Bama

In my neck of the woods, every little strip mall, which means every damn block, has at least one nail salon, and rent is not cheap in those god-damned ugly strip malls. Business is booming. What recession/depression? One thing's for certain, this is not your father's depression.

Morocco Bama

Speaking of commercials, I never knew so many men were impotent.

I'm glad they have finally found a cure for the restless leg syndrome I never knew I had.

Oh, and for the ladies who hate their period, this is a wonderful new product. What will they think of next?



This truly gives you an indication of how bad the adverting industry has become. There is no morality in advertising.



Morocco Bama

Part of the reason for the nail salon success is that more men are getting their nails done. At least according to this article, they are. Going down in style.


I'd love to see a commercial with this guy (R. Lee Ermey) soaking some guys fingers and nails in Palmolive like Madge.



Well, the nail salon thing has me boggled, too. But I think it is part of the "lipstick economy" which is that, people (okay, women) can't afford to buy the latest fashionable dress or shoes or plastic surgery, so they (the consumeristas) buy the cheapest thing that makes them feel like au courant consumers - a (relatively) cheap manicure, or a tube of lipstick.

I'm not recommending this, mind you. I simply offer it as an explanation, that pains me.


Kill your television. Trouble is, if you smash the one at the gas station you go to jail. Thankfully only a couple stations in my area have the goddamned things, they are easy to boycott. Wouldn't get gas there if it was $.10/gallon.

John Theodorou

Kill your television. Trouble is, if you smash the one at the gas station you go to jail.

Better still use one of these! TV-B-Gone



More on American adverting. One has to wonder how "free" we truly are, as corporate America knows exactly how to push our buttons.



The other possibility that has occurred to me is that the nail salons are fronts for bordellos.

Morocco Bama

Gail, I think they're taking DNA specimens and using it to clone slaves on other planets. We're about to clone a Wooly Mammoth, so just imagine what advanced life out in the universe is doing, if it exists.


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