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Morocco Bama

Perfect post. I love that Carlin clip, always have.

"""Mr. Daley has said his party went too far to the left in the health-care debate."""

What complete bullshit.....and he knows it...they know it. The debate was never a debate. The fix was in on healthcare reform from the very beginning. All of the hubbub was Kabuki Theater to provide cover for the fact that the bill was written by the insurance and pharma industries. Wendell Potter provides the transparency for those who have eyes. Single Payer was locked out of the debate.

In fact, maybe the healthcare reform bill was a strawman from the very beginning....meant to be unthreateningly unpopular so it could be repealed by the new Repub-controlled Congress.


Obamacare (it isn't true health care reform, so I don't call it that) only injects an additional $960 billion in consumer dollars into the bloated health care system, keeping it from imploding a few days longer. Wait until the full strain of the baby boom hits, and the "30 million newly insured" begins taxing it.

Dave was sure correct about the coming propaganda blitz. They are piling it on very deep. Add 100,000 jobs, unemployment drops 4 tenths of a point. They kind of brush over that it is because so many have stopped looking for jobs. They don't mention long term unemployment went up considerably. U-6 is still nearly 17%.


It's an insult to Kabuki to call this stuff Kabuki - aside from Kabuki having actual artistic value, it's more subtle.

Could it possibly be more obvious what the structure of the elites running this country is? It's banks to government and back again, over and over... and if it's not bank jobs, it's another equally compromising corporate check. How can any of these people claim to represent most Americans? They are clearly representatives of the Patrician/Capitalist/Owner class. Even our "House" is more like the Roman Senate - the owners get the (real) vote.


Here's how quickly it works. Daley is announced as the new guy. Daley, as you may or may not know, sits on the board of Boeing. On Jan. 6,'11 (like, the instant the Daley-pick announcement is made) Reuters reports: "The Pentagon overhauled the Lockheed Martin Corp F-35 fighter program for the second time in a year and said it would buy 41 Boeing Co F/A-18 warplanes over the next three years to offset slower production of the Lockheed plane...." www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE70561820110107

Morocco Bama

And....since Lockheed is an integral part of the Military Industrial Complex, and too big to fail, it will be compensated by the Government for any costs associated with the program, plus profit, up to that point.


Great post, Dave, and an absolutely dead on wonderful clip. As a former Chicagoan, I remember that Bill Daley was always spoken of as "the smart son". Now he represents the Money World inside the White House, and his brother (Richard Daley, the Mayor whose election strategy was written by David Axelrod, Obama's political strategist) is still removing snow from the streets of Chicago. So, they were right. Bill is the smart one.

ed zachary

Words of the late George Carlin; when he was asked “how can you avoid getting angry and being depressed in these times” and he replied “about 20 years ago I began to pull away from having a stake in any of this; I don’t really have an emotional stake in the outcome. In terms of my caring, I don’t really give a fuck. I say let them do whatever they want to do, I’m gonna enjoy this shit as a spectator and I look at it as a big show, a big parade. I call it a freak show. When you are born into this world you get a ticket to the freak-show and when you’re born in America you get a front row seat. It’s a very interestin g and enjoyable thing to watch if you can detach yourself emotionally.

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