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The problem with today's bears is that they still look at business fundamentals and, apparently, everything we know is wrong when the government and banking industry work together to manipulate markets. As you have pointed out, there are two economies - one blatantly manipulated by and for the insiders of finance and government, and the rest of us. There are and always will be opportunities to profit, but at this stage of the game one must suspend disbelief entirely in order to trade the tape, since there are no fundamental reasons for the tape to trade as it has been recently other than pre-determined outcomes.


According to Dan, the pessimists go abroad and "see what they want to see," but Nope, no way no how, Dan Gross doesnt do that!


I was watching Headline News ( don't ask me why) and they started out saying it was GREAT news the new jobless claims were down, and proof the economy was improving. They then went on to say, in their annoying cheerful tone, that more families were doubling up - up 12.8% since 2008 and the most since 1968 - but this was GOOD because this is the way it used to be - people lived with their parents after they were married all the time before, as they said. It was "unusual" that people were living in separate houses it's ok, good even, to get back to that. Silly people wanting their own homes and all...


This is a long, depressing examination of what it used to be like to literally live in a poorhouse, and how certain folks can't wait to get back to the days before the New Deal when they could really flaunt being filthy rich:


Tony Weddle

Well, Matt, at least that last bit really is good; families starting to live together again. That's definitely a trend for the future, as society starts to break down, but I doubt the Headline News people thought of it in that way.

John Theodorou

As you said earlier; "The Coming Economic Propaganda Blitz", has indeed begun!

John D

Dave, you call yourself a pessimist, and as I also have the same outlook on our situation, I considered myself a pessimist. However, every time I take one of those psychological tests, I come up not as a pessimist, but as a realist. I believe that facts and rational thinking are leading to your conclusions, not some inner pessimism.


"Aggregate sustainable economic base" indeed. Really, Mr Gross? IS this the new code for poor people don't matter? You should be ashamed. Get a job.


You can be bearish only so long before you are forced to be bullish, or lose the will to get out of bed in the morning. On the verge of a new year, just about everyone is bullish. Lets hope the optimism pays dividends.

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