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Houston Roofing Contractor

Its a nice shell game.Big gas lies to you,themselves,their competitors, stockholders,politicians, state agencies,everybody.Big gas needs to get the price up to that $8.00 level. Best way to prevent that is to leave gas "on the shelf" don't use anymore of it than you need to.

Bob in Philly

Americans are pathologically wired to disconnect and the ignore the reality of a given situation and this is just what is happening in these shale gas plays.

Aggressive per well depletion rates, massive amounts of water needed in high density population areas with little thought to gas collection pipeline systems and/or gas filtering infrastructure.

We need the shale gas so there is no going back. However would it not be a real change for the oil and gas industry to stop misleading everyone about the real costs involved in energy and stop underpricing their product to market?

The US represents just 5% of the world's population but continues to use more than 26% of the world's energy while living in complete denial which means the inevitable economic collision is on course and playing out to the Peak Oil timeline.

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