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Alexander Ac

Oh yes and then there bats (sorry, there WERE) bats:


"Bat disease threatens ecological catastrophe"

Tony Weddle

Hey, the rest of the world is mad. That's obvious. But you're not. When the term "intelligent life on earth" is used, you can be sure that you're included in that but not many others are (at least not in "developed" and "developing" societies).

The subject of national parks has also come up for discussion this year in New Zealand. The talk is of letting the greed merchants (which includes government) in on the minerals in many of our beautiful national parks. Absolutely crazy.

But the good thing is that our societies are due to start their collapse any time now. Then all this nonsense will seem like a crazy dream, if it is remembered at all.

Matt K

So we sell our national parks to developers, they develop them and run up a huge real estate bubble, which then crashes and we bail them out, further increasing the deficit which we paid off from the previous sale - brilliant!

I'm curious if they actually had buyers lined up, CASH in hand, ready to buy or if the developers would be looking for a TIF or other tax breaks to buy the park to develop it.


Ick I can't watch it past this rubbage:

"Get ready 'cause the numbers are truly astounding - the government owns over 84 million acres of federal parks and over 2000 national monuments in this country..."

NO, you heinous bitch, the PEOPLE of this country own the parks and monuments, not "the government".

Depression is the only sane response. Loved the BeeGee video, by the way. I had never seen them - wow, the teeth! - as soon as I heard them way back when I threw up in my mouth a little, then turned off the radio, forever.

mike e

Hi Dave I watched the segment as well and my horror was muted by the fact that the new government in the United Kingdom where I live is actually setting in place policies to sell off or privatize large areas of public owned real estate such as forests or woodlands to pay down part of our own gargantuan deficit.

These people remind me of the scene in 30 Rock when you're able to see the world through Alec Baldwin's character's eyes, and everything in his line of sight including his co-worker comes with a matching price tag.


"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered"

While I believe this Jefferson quote was falsified, and mainly used to advocate monetary policies that perhaps wouldn't work presently on a worldwide scale, the latter part certainly seems prescient. Our "representatives" have spent the better part of this century rushing us all towards slavery, made most evident by the auction of the people's property to pay for fake wars.

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