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Awww! Last time you made me laugh...today you made me cry!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Dave, what if you tried a sympathetic to Wall Streeters. What if you tried to step into their shoes and see the human choices behind how they came to where they did, rationalizing their own decisions personally and professionally while missing the real impact of what they're doing? Or are you only content to paint them in black, declare them the devil, and cast them to hell?


*a sympathetic POST about Wall Streeters, I meant. Happy thanksgiving

Dave Cohen

A sympathetic treatment of Wall Street? OK, what would that be based on?

I'm thinking...

Still thinking...

Sorry! Came up short. Somebody else will have to write it.


Yeah, besides...hasn't that already been done?



It'd be based on the insecurities, the fears, the deep-seated feelings of inadequacy that drive the people on Wall Street to feel they can't comfortably rub elbows with the rest of the world, that they have to somehow, some way, rise higher, because here is not (and never will be) good enough. The insecurities and fear that drive them to not dare to question mantras and ideology handed down by those with more authority, by those who pay their checks and even raised them as their parents, that help blind them from the ramifications of what they're really doing, both to the outside world and to their own hearts and souls.

But I guess you're right, this post isn't yours to write. Maybe it's mine. :) I'm with you on the harms of the institution, and the conscious evil-doing of many of those involved, but even most if not all of those people are sick, and they do infect what I wouldn't be surprised are the majority of those further below them in institution, whose intentions are genuinely good.

I guess it'd complicate your sentiments to shed light on the grey areas that exist in where and at who you sling your mud, which admittedly isn't fun.

And all THAT said, none of what I just wrote means you shouldn't carry on with exactly the types of criticisms you've been putting forward. They've been brilliant, and deeply, critically important. Please, keep doing it!

I only posted because I guess the tone of your yacht comment made me scared that in the quest for finding fairness, fairness itself is what can get thrown out the window.

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