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Well, there is the complicating fact that our oceans are dying through over fishing, and the type of fishing. Perhaps that has masked the enormity of the phytoplankton loss. Or maybe the phytoplankton loss has contributed towards the state of the oceans, which are likely to be, essentially, dead within 40 years.


One thing that strikes my mind is that it may be that "overfishing" is being blamed for fish declines that are at least in part due to the phytoplankton crisis... In fact, it could be a complicating factor in many, many fisheries issues - declines in salmon runs are blamed on dams and pollution, for example. Could it be that half of it is the deeper degredation of the food chain?

That would mean that any hope of a return to the abundance that existed at one time is totally impossible. It's no longer a matter of fishing quotas or marine sanctuaries or tearing down dams.

That just sucks. Still, for all the fatalism, I am certain that humans will die out long before the ocean dies (though bluefin tuna and many other species are probably lost). I guess that's trading one fatalism for another.

Meme Mine

Politician" "I promise to lower the seas and make the weather colder with your taxes." History is already laughing.
Since the climate emergency was about the continued existence of “Life as we know it”-IPCC, on the planet Earth, why then didn’t the tens of thousands of consensus scientists themselves not start marching and yelling in the streets because they had families too, didn't they? Now, bathroom reading books are published with nothing but the countless quotes of personal definitions of climate “science”, that gave the CO2 mistake legs for almost three decades of sheer CO2 madness. Saying climate change was real and “happening” wasn't a lie, because Climate Change couldn’t have been proven or disproved anyways, short of actually happening. If it really WAS happening at the time, we would have been debating how to deal with the crisis, not watching as it got voted down by voter consensus. So with this “special” science, nobody was at fault in the grand scheme of things of the CO2 mistake. But, Climate Change DID provide a gravy train of money for pandering politicians, PR firms, Main-Scream media, academia and lab coat consultants. And we learned that there are no saints among us. Just as there are alter boy abusing priests in the Catholic Church, so too were the “climate scientists” and “lab coat consultants in Church of Disco Science. I wonder why you remaining doomers don’t see how embarrassing believing in Climate Change is now and wonder why you didn’t see the climate change phenomenon for what it really was, a social and cultural occurrence, not “science“. Pollution was real. We get it. Grow some!


I tried, but I could find no content in Meme Mine's comment. It seems to be all hyperbole and emotion, without any kind of cogent argument against AGW.


I believe our vigorous fishing is extracting fish from the oceans THAT WOULD HAVE DIED ANYWAY. We are masking the effects by forcibly depopulating the oceans at a rate tremendous enough that the die-off from the food web crumbling from the bottom is not apparent. Yet. But as the phytoplankton continue to die, it will become increasingly apparent that we're looking at an oceanic apocalypse.

There's some species of coastal bird off CA that had recovered to around 80,000 population. Now, mysteriously, they are dying off again, despite all efforts to save them. They're down to 20,000 now, 3/4 gone from where their population had recovered. These birds eat krill, which eat phytoplankton. Three short steps there (phytoplankton -> krill -> birds), a very compact food chain. And that's made them vulnerable to the loss of the phytoplankton, and now they are disappearing.

Increasing numbers of large waves of sea mammals are washing ashore, stomachs empty, dead of starvation. The oceanic die-off is well under way. A billion people are fed by the oceans. When the oceans are gone those billion will add their demand to the global food demand and prices at the grocery store will spike. They already are, actually.

Food is the ultimate currency. Climate change is destroying our ability to produce food, even as our population numbers grow and grow. I fully expect to see food prices at the grocery store quintuple within 20 years, five times what they are now. I highly doubt our civilization will survive when it starts taking $50,000/year after-tax income just to eat. *I* could afford that, but most people in the world could not, and it's unlikely that the starving will just lay down quietly and die. Violence, anarchy, cannibalism, that's what's coming, and there isn't a thing we can do to stop it now. It's too late. We waited too long, took too many chances with forces we didn't understand, and we are going to pay a VERY steep price for our overwhelming hubris. We thought we were God himself, above nature, immune to the laws of physics. Mother Nature is about to show us what real power is, and she's going to do so in ways we will find most unpleasant.

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You're probably right that it would have been an awful experience, and they likely would have taken credit in the end for any creative input you had in the process...everything happens for a reason, and I'm sure you're better off where you are now! It also sounds like you learned from it, so that's invaluable!

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