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Seriously suggest you explore Desdemona Despair, in depth.

Ed Straker

"Forget about it. There is no Democracy."


Democracy is not a spectator sport means more than sitting back passively and expecting a savior to emerge out of the existing pool of egotistical career politicians. It means running for office as well. It's not reasonable to ask for change without being willing to change the gene-pool by throwing your hat in the ring.

If your response is that 3rd parties (like a doomer party) won't be able to make it, that doesn't mean "there is no democracy". it means the reverse, actually, that democracy is giving us the leadership we deserve, and you are just an ideologically marginalized minority.

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JoAnne, thanks for sharing that story. That day impacted all of us, some more than others but nevertheless, it changed all of our lives. We never know what life will throw at us next. That's why we train like we do so we can take on anything it brings. So that we are strong both physically and mentally to take on new challenges.

Great job to everyone on the WOD today. You all fought hard and I was very proud of all of you. Even with me changing the WOD to make everyone do 343 reps, I felt that was important, no one complained and everyone did a rep, hard reps, for each person lost that day. Thank you!

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