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Chris in Chicago

Another great commentary.

Some people say i am cheap.I reply,no,i am poor. Theres a big difference. Cheap people have money and don't spend it. Poor people don't have it to spend. At the ripe old age of 43 and never having earned more then 30k in one year i like to tell them i have been in a personal economic recession my entire adult life.

Lets face it,you live in America and make the median personal income
(i think its about 27k)Your poor!

Bill Mcdonald

Amen Chris! Great point!

And Dave, this really is a great article. Kind of puts events of the last
few decades of my own life in perspective.

Edward  Boyle

Having food and clothing, therewith be content.

Consider the lilies of the field, they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you that even Solomon was not arrayed like these.

You can’t take it with you.

Comparing nowadays with Jesus time isn’t difficult, an empire with rich people controlling the world and taking a large part of the wealth for themselves. Many Jews wanted a revolution to overthrow the Romans and their lapdogs the Sadducees and Pharisees. Presumably Jesus was one for these revolutionaries from Nag Hammadi hermits, leading a life among the caves then coming to the city to preach “repent, for the time is at hand” at least John the Baptist said that. Typical End Times preaching ala Peak Oil. Jesus sounds more like a Transition Town type of Guy, localize and downsize, this world is coming to an end so don’t get caught on the downside and change your attitude don’t be addicted to wealth. Of course he would have been surprised that his reformist preaching as a Jewish Rabbi would be taken on as a global religion over thousands of years. Most unlikely occurrence certainly. Of course his followers wrote gospels that would appeal to various constituencies and not offend the Romans above all, so they could spread the word and avoid the censor, so read the gospels with a grain of salt and a keen sense of history, a knowledge of propaganda techniques.

I have heard Jesus was an esoteric spiritualistic trained in Egypt, etc. in “yogic” techniques so that “miracle healing” was possible, as in Reiki, hands on energy transfer and so on. Seems possible to explain his miracles in this way but possibly this is just self serving for modern westerners wanting to reconcile their current interest in Eastern religion with the religion of their childhood. Of course if these yogic techniques were wide spread in Eastern/Egyptian Christianity and in competition with the centralized authoritarian Christianity of Rome, then they lost out with Constantine. The Middle East was all Christian until a massive die off due to the plague in 400-500 and then later came Islamic influence. A direct contact with God in terms of individual esoteric experience was not in interest of Rome where only the Pope could talk for God.

So basically what started as a rebellion against the center became its bulwark. Francis of Assisi tried the same thing 1000 years later but was co-opted as well.

Seems to me these rich people are digging their own grave and ours as well. A stable society can’t be made by destroying its base, i.e. a strong middle class.

I hope I survive the next years as I am very downwardly socially mobile at the moment.

Chris Nelder

Aww - That title, and no reference to Zappa?


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