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Edward  Boyle

Celente sort of sounds to me (after hearing the video) like Matt Simmons, a really respectable guy who can get on to TV and say some pretty extreme things. But will it turn out like that or at least in the time frame he is talking about?

It would be better if they were willing to allow hard times like in early 80s with Paul volcker to cure the system (of the big banks). Problem is trying to keep everything totally under control, it just screws things up more with a "great moderation" / making a Japanese type solution. And on top of that only big guys getting paid out and we all pay for them by losing our houses, jobs, pensions. They pay the politicians and install the politicians then we get nothing but a DEVO uniform and maybe food stamps and extended unemployment benefits or similar.

Maybe riots chaos would lead to a control situation like fascist Italy as everybody would be scared of chaos and elect a guy like Mussolini. There is always a backlash wwhen things go too far in one direction. So maybe both you and Celente are right in the end. The same thing happened in Russia as Putin was definitely a reaction to the 90s breakdown(you could say it was an engineered KGB takeover). After a while almost anyone would welcome such a guy if he were as smart as Putin and not a crazy guy like Mussolini. I just don't think we would get that lucky.

I just don't want 1984 or the movie Brazil, a mindless bureaucracy where all rights and humanity are slowly crushed by a facelss system "like a boot stomping on our faces forever".


haha, thanks for that Talking Heads youtube! I never saw one before and it was great! I had forgotten that my kids used to subject me to their musci when I drove them in the car. I used to really like this one though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imWnuirIL8o&feature=related

Personally I think there will be riots, because there will be food shortages, soon.

Ron Beasley

I think a rapid collapse is more likely. It could be set off by any number of things:
-The Peak Oil brick wall
-Climate related natural disasters
-Non climate related disasters like earthquakes(most of the west coast of the US is over due for "the big one".)
-An antibiotic resistant bug that kills millions
Just a few examples!


Do any normal viewers of Yahoo take him seriously? Or just us crazies taking a backseat to decline?


Here is a graphic picture that portends what will happen when food becomes scarce:


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